Yesterday 11:48AM

Republicans and Democrats simply don’t do the politics the same way. Republican politicians have bred a class of voter that votes religiously, but doesn’t read, do their own research, or think critically; doesn’t care about whether policies benefit them (so long as they hurt the people who they’ve been told are their Read more

Tuesday 8:42PM

Being scared in MSP is wild. That says a lot more about you than the twin cities.

Tuesday 4:41PM

Better start digging. We all have lava near us, its just waiting to get out. 

Tuesday 3:49PM

Yesterday I saw a few pictures of dudes gleefully holding up chunks of charred insulation that had rained down in their yards. Just NO, DUDE, that’s straight cancer fuel.

Tuesday 3:39PM

The picture of people out watching the smoke plume from lawn chairs makes me think of the people who watched the Chernobyl fire from the bridge.

Tuesday 12:24PM

Yeah! Don’t you wish these folks got that same message back in the day? Imagine how much better America would be if they’d just stayed out of the streets.

Tuesday 11:54AM

That’s a “she shouldn’t have been wearing that skirt” if ever there was one.

Tuesday 11:53AM

All for some journalist or commenter on the internet to complain about it.

Tuesday 11:39AM

It’s one of those things that always gets overlooked, but holy shit does it look hard to build a car. From design to manufacturing, everything is complicated. Like, some dude (more likely a team) had to design, test, and build a machine to deliver a seat at exactly there right time to exactly the right place, and it Read more

Tuesday 10:45AM

All of that projection about the local’s response was from your imagination, not mine.

Tuesday 10:44AM

Yeah sure seems like it.  fack, can’t question the wealth worship I guess.

Tuesday 10:41AM

I used to live in FL, where dudes sell shit out of thier trunk in a gun show parking lot and nobody says a word.

Tuesday 9:49AM

The better question is why do my corn chips smell like dog?

Tuesday 9:43AM

Fuck Republicans. Fuck every single Republican. They hate America and what it stands for. They are all fascists, every single one of them. There is no such thing as a good Republican. Read more

Tuesday 9:09AM

She also refused to apologize for comparing Democrats to Nazis because Democrats are “socialists” and the actual name of the Nazi party has the word “socialist” in it.  However, if there is one thing that Democrats actually have in common with Nazis, it’s that neither are actually socialists.  Meanwhile, Israel was Read more