Aug 18 2016

Unfortunately, as a kid all I got out of the repeated losses was a sense of boredom, to the point where I would stop watching for a good while once each successive League started because I already knew the outcome and following it wasn’t worth the effort, only coming back when new seasons were announced. Read more

Jul 5 2016

TLDR of this article:

AVGN played a stereotypical neckbeard nerd. Therefore, I’m going to assume his out-of-character persona has an issue that he’s sexist rather than listen and rebut his actual reasons.

Jun 23 2016

Well you are probably right. Imo, the real problem with hype and this game is the fact that this type of game normally last 10 hours (Ico 6, SOTC 10). So unless it is completely amazing and don’t feel dated at all, a lot of players will be underwhelmed by it and will move on forgetting it very quickly.

Jun 13 2016

What I instantly thought of when I saw the title.

Oct 30 2015

Sony’s announced its PlayStation Plus lineup for November, which includes The Walking Dead: Season Two and Magika 2 on PS4. PS3 owners are getting Mass Effect 2 and Beyond Good & Evil; it’s Dragon Fin Soup and Invizimals on Vita.

Oct 12 2015

Just letting you know, that story you posted is fake. National Report is a parody news site, like The Onion, but a little less obvious, and a little more trollish.