The originasl mod is really good, but the Steam version is was away better with lots of more content too. Steam version is the way to go, and it’s not very much anyways, especially if you wait for a sale. Read more

Well they had to recreate the entire game really for Steam release since the Source 2013 port literally broke almost every aspect of the game, that’s why Steam release took so long. Since Steam they’ve been working on polishing their first half, introducing tech updates (like lighting in this one), and even adding Read more

The thing I like about Kill la Kill is how it did fan service, it turned it on it’s head to not only include girls but guys as well just as much and used the fanservice to teach people to be comfortable in their own skin instead of self-concious. Kobayashi isn’t that smart with the fan service, but it actually does Read more

Not really, just learn the counters and hero switching. Roadhog and Genji make quick work of him, while even Zarya benefits and can help counter him. No character at this point is op IMO, they’ve done a good job balancing the whole cast very well. Read more

It was until December, and yeah it’s a successor to Shadow of the Colossus and ICO, which were both absolutely amazing and you can pick up the HD Pack on PS3. Read more

I mean sure, legally, yes, but it’s not just anti-consumer, but anti-developer to say the least. Steam strives in it’s unknown Indie games, and destroying reviews from a lot of people who played it is a big hit considering the fact that, like the article says, the games live or die by their reviews on Steam, as it’s Read more

Sure,and I ADORE Valve to a very big degree and think they’re revolutionaries for gaming in both sales and development, but dammit, you can’t introduce stuff like this out of nowhere and toy with people’s livelihoods. People have games they want to get out there for artistic and financial reasons, and stuff like this Read more

If you’re worried about funds, get a PS3 for sure. It’s dirt cheap for one now and the games are cheap now as well, as well as a much bigger selection. Read more

An anime I can not reccomend enough to watch twice is the Monogatari series. But still an amazing list. Read more

I’m surprised to see Call of Duty getting so many sales but no output of fps games from Japan really. Interesting. The rest I’m not surprised in seeing on there though. Read more

Valve has really gone off the deep end the past few years. I wish they’d be more like Blizzard at this point. They for sure have the manpower to, however, nobody there wants to do it since the employees can choose to work on what they want freely. They just feel so out of touch with the community on ALL of their games Read more

Delay does not mean a botch. PC is because they were initially going to release same day but decided to push back to the release for EU to get a worldwide launch since more fair to them. Lack of review copies is because of Day 1 patch, which is fair game. If you have a problem with a delay of reviews, wait until they Read more

They’re a really small team, even smaller than the current (15) for most of the development (4 or so I think). There probably was QA with all the money threw at it, it’s just that this game is REALLY big and probably REALLY unpredictable. But don’t forget, there’s a day one patch coming. This game is not out yet, ya Read more

“Surprise! It was me, Dagoth Ur, all along!” Is now something I have to use on my friends somehow. Read more

Saints Row Gat out of Hell and Furi were this month? Loved both of those. PS Plus is better than ever tbh. Sorry they can’t cater 6 AAA games every month. Read more

Nonsensical? He has a certain essentric flavor with crazy vibes, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s immediately stupid. Read more

All we need is Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Half Life 3. That’s when we hide, for the world will definitely end. Read more

I’m willing to bet this game will have motion controls, but probably able to be toggled. Idk if the PS4 version of Gravity Rush’s motion controls could be toggled or not, but the motion controls worked really well on PS4 imo. The problem with Vita motion controls is that the screen itself moves, so it feels off, but Read more

Nope, PS4 only. Vita is too underpowered for their ideas and doesn’t have a good footing in the west (which with a worldwide release they have clear intentions of making a big market) so I’m not surprised. Read more

I hate people like that. I love to play Mei and everyone hates me because of people like them. :/ Read more