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Jul 11

Worse still, his repeated opposition has only served to embolden his support base to ignore CDC guidelines too, leading to scores of run-ins with law enforcement and videos of their adult tantrums going viral online.

Jul 11

Our family had planned to fly to DisneyWorld on 9/12/2001. Instead, we were able to rent a van and drove, spending three days and nights at Magic Kingdom, beginning on 9/13. No lines, at all. Also, eerie af.

Jul 11

That was my first thought. You’d think they’d all be wearing masks with Mickey ears, especially to seem less scary to young children. 

Jul 11

You know the other silly thing that bugs me with all this. Why is everyone wearing different types of masks? Disney is a billion dollar company that loves and breathes on branding. Why aren’t they all in Disney logo masks! It’s because this billion dollar company is probably making workers supply their own masks, Read more

Jul 11

You should smash that POS regardless. 

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Jul 11

That’s not how competition works. Jeep knows it’s not going to have the place to itself now. It’s hard to imagine the Bronco wont be an objectively better vehicle so they need to keep people interested the best way they know how: by stuffing a big V8 into it.

Jul 10

This is a pretty common thing when a third party online distributor runs out of stock on something, rather than take down the listing and incur additional listing fees if they get more stock in later on, they just jack up the price to some astronomical number. Sellers have been doing this for years.

Jul 10

Oh yeah. Extend unemployment benefits a few weeks and the Trumpies are screaming about deadbeats who’d rather mooch than work but hand the Catholic fucking church a billion and a half and they’re nowhere to be heard.

Jul 10

If I am not mistaken (and I am 3 drinks in so I am not googling) aren’t there motherfuckers out there trying to cut off food stamps and other programs via drug testing people for goddamn weed (and other stuff)?  The fuck is wrong with these people?

Jul 10

I don’t think it’s child trafficking, but I don’t think money laundering is out of the question.

Jul 7

That ICE decision is so fucking short sighted and cruel. Many colleges rely on international students to pay full tuition, which allows them them to grant additional aid to US students. Schools are going to be forced to hold in person classes and put hundreds of thousands of people at unnecessary risk, or risk losing Read more