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Thursday 6:59PM

Trying to reconcile that tiringly edgy photo of Fox and Beau (what is it with these thirty-something celebs looking like teenagers atm?) with these choice quotes of hers: Read more

Wednesday 10:44AM

And Jalopnik continues the time honored tradition of shitting on GM one way or the other. I’m shocked they still ask you guys to review things.

Tuesday 3:42PM

I’m... concerned that some people are looking at this and this it’s satire. There was absolutely nothing indicating he wasn’t being serious, and his comments about “science going too far” were absurd.

Tuesday 3:12PM

Huh...I was under the impression it was 100% satire. It reminded me of his satirical rants on The Daily Show.

Tuesday 2:27PM

Budget.  Much cheaper to have people from the future travel to now, or people from now to travel to the past, than to have people from now to travel to the future. 

6/12/21 6:50PM

Clearly you haven’t been following that closely. It’s been known to be a unibody FWD base vehicle since before the official launch. It’s ok for you to not like it, Ford still has plenty of Rangers and F150s they will be more than happy to sell to you for up to 2x the price.

6/11/21 8:42PM

Literally the only thing that I find appealing about Maseratis is their ICE soundtrack. I see no point in this with so many other six-figure EVs out there.

6/11/21 1:37PM

You’re right, the rant does fall apart if you change one of the words in the quote to another word.

6/09/21 8:46AM

As a matter of fact, Pushing Daisies started out as an idea for a Dead Like Me episode. Originally George was supposed to meet a guy who can bring back the dead for a minute...

6/08/21 11:21PM

Came here to say this. Seriously, he left Star Trek Discovery before it finished season 1! Pushing Daisies is one of the greatest shows ever made!

6/08/21 6:30PM

Pour one out for Pushing Daisies, my favorite TV show that got its plug pulled far too soon. Read more

6/08/21 3:17PM

i dunno.  the original headlights make the truck look crosseyed and the bronco sport lights make it look like Bubbles from TPB. 

6/08/21 3:16PM

I think you meant “Fuller, best known for his work on Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls, ...”