10/26/17 5:37PM

It really pissed me off when I thought we were at war with Eurasia, only to be told that, in fact, we were at war with Eastasia and had always been at war with Eastasia.

10/16/17 6:18AM

If Sega releases a Yakuza 7 or a City Hunter game, looks like there will be a Shinjuku area.

10/16/17 5:15AM

The problem is when you bump into one of the waitresses they all go flying everywhere.

9/26/17 6:37PM

Only way to get the industry to make any positive change so that it doesn’t have to be a burden to work in is through collective actions like these. Read more

9/12/17 12:28PM

Actually, the clip from where Sisko punches Garak and has the discussion in the tailor shop is less then six minutes. I agree - no reason to watch on Netflix.

9/12/17 12:05PM

It’s only because this clip of DS9 Episode “In the pale moonlight” isn’t longer...(and is on youtube).

9/10/17 7:24PM

The dude that had no idea that nazis were bad is using the n-word casually? You don’t say. I wonder how many YouTube personalities will rally to him this time? And I wonder if they’re rallying because they have the same beliefs as this racist that claims he isn’t?

1/30/17 1:05PM

Not with PETA it isn’t. These assholes are hypocrites through and through. They claim that animals have rights on one hand, and administer euthanasia to thousands of stray pets with the other. Fuck ‘em. They deserve to have their money outright stolen as far as I’m concerned. Every other animal rights group you can Read more