Gawn Til November
8:43 AM

That bias is real.
Same bias against anti vaxxers
Same bias against flat earthers
Same bias against the birthers

Really, its a bias against dumb asses who dangerously believe stupid shit.

4:32 PM

or a good Mario Party. Game has been going downhill since 8. I’m not saying 8 was great, but it was def the start of the significant decline, in my opinion anyway.

1:14 PM

thats weird,on my PC I’ve been using mine for No Man Sky.... And the stadia button opens my steam. Not quite sure what I did wrong (or right for that matter).

7:35 PM

Shows I really enjoyed, but where basically bad.
Sony’s “The Gamer”. Great idea on paper, but really wasnt that great overall.

Escape the Night. I’m actually confused if this can even be considered Reality TV, or scripted.

7:32 PM

Fun tidbit. I was steps away from being a contestant on Quest. Me and a buddy of mine were basically signed up to do it. I honestly didnt want to be stuck with him (what I assumed would be) 4~8 weeks, so I backed out. The issue was they wanted the two of us, so me backing out meant we both were out.

1:13 PM

Yea, by the time I had posted this, Anime Expo hadnt canceled, at least I had no knowledge

7:17 AM

To your point. We are living in a post COVID reality.

If this were last year, and under different circumstances, I probably would feel differently. But we are in a reality were unprecedented occurrences have transpired.
- Disneyland Theme Parks have closed Globally
- Summer Olympics have been postponed
- 16.6 million Read more

1:54 PM

They are saying.... its an ‘insurance/booking issue”

If they cancel the convention before date X, they get charged a buttload of money because of contracts, insurance, and convention fees. Read more

7:29 PM

Its more of a indecent exposure case, not privacy. The case argued is indecent exposure to children. I think the argument the prosecution was making was “private or not does not excuse the indecent exposure”. Ideally this would only be the case if children were exposed to by a stranger and not someone they knew.

7:25 PM

Not a lawyer, but I spend a lot of time in courts (I’m literally writing this from a Judge assistance desk as we speak).
Its an interesting note to make. The judge is merely enforcing the law on the books, which they are technically supposed to due impartially.

7:22 PM

Thats a very interesting ruling.
I think the case the prosecution was making was indecent exposure to children. More likely because the kids werent her children.

Its an interesting case to say the least. If I were naked in my home and your (hypothetical) children saw me naked, even though there was no ill intent, Read more

7:06 AM

They cloned an entire army to fight a war. They made a clone of Starkiller. A clone of Palpatine seems silly to you?

12:06 PM

I mean........ He was like the President of Presidents..... and a pretty rich one at that. I’m pretty sure he had the time AND money to get down.

But in all seriousness, I thought a clone story line was in order. Seeing as how cloning was an on going thing in this Star Wars Saga. Between Starkiller and all the clones Read more

12:19 AM

They do/dont. I cant tell you for sure I have a past (long story, but mostly identiy theft), I was on for about 7 months before ever getting flagged by uber. Lyft, day 1 was denied.

3:58 AM

Sadly, I doubt they’ll see a quarter of that. I think the ruling was more symbolic than actual reality

3:57 AM

So where is the line between “knowing” someone and “not knowing” someone?

My Aunt died yesterday..... knew her for 30 years... only discovered the day of her death her name was not the name I (and most) called her. Did I know her? I have 2 nephews. Only met them twice. Do I know them? They cant talk.

I think being able Read more