Someday I'll Drive Something Fun
4/04/20 5:45PM

George Bush (Sr.) Presidential Library commemorative diesel livery, being retired and parked at the library in Texas, hitching a ride along.

3/20/20 4:37PM

Because when my shitbox fails, I can fix it. When a nine year-old, electronic gizmo-filled luxury SUV fails, I can only run for the hills.

3/18/20 11:25AM

They’re parked on the lot right next to the $35k Tesla Model 3s.

3/16/20 10:27AM

David, this is a 30 year old Chrysler product in a salt state. There are 28 year old cheerios and goldfish holding most of the interior together, the transmission is shot, and it has the safety of.....a 30 year old Chryler product. Only one side has a sliding door. Read more

3/11/20 8:10AM

Would you pay that for an unadulterated Saturn Sky? No. So why would you pay it for a Saturn Sky with a bad body kit? Read more

3/09/20 6:13PM

The more I think about the poor photo quality, the more I buy into the “leaked on purpose” idea. Seems like you’d have to go out of your way to make a picture this low-rez in 2020. But then again. Maybe a GameBoy camera is the only thing you can sneak into a design studio 😂

3/09/20 5:30PM

Hi, I’m Jimmy from Jimmy’s Manure Delivery.  All of our vehicles are Dodge Journeys, because they’re crap before we even load anything in them.

3/09/20 11:44AM

So a Land Rover Discovery??? I thought Ford and Land Rover parted ways?

2/27/20 4:18PM

I kid. David is my absolute favorite writer around here. His posts are often him doing cool stuff and telling us about it. It’s like a friend telling me, “OK, you’re not going to believe this shit...”