Someday I'll Drive Something Fun
3/16/20 3:09PM

This appears to be a Chrysler. Wouldn’t that make it a Town & County? We had the Plymouth Voyager growing up. I was pissed when we sold it because I knew there were two micromachines in it somewhere that I never found.

3/11/20 10:50AM

It sounds like your still missing Rob’s point, and potentially the first sentence in this article. This is a specific comparison that a lot of other users reach out and request, even if you aren’t interested in it. Your point, that there are other (honestly, probably over 1,000) different tire comparisons and Read more

2/13/20 3:24PM

That’s a great point. It appears I’ve overlooked quite a few aspects that go into my claim and I now realize my headline could be misleading based on the incomplete information in my article. I appreciate the clarification and I will not request you do additional research to prove me wrong. 

2/13/20 1:37PM

Serious Question: shouldn’t this be titled “...better for air quality” and not “the environment”? It’s my understanding there are a host of other environmental issues associated with mining the materials required for batteries (and I assume mining/drilling for oil as well), beyond just emissions. To claim something Read more

1/08/20 3:58PM

You don’t need a wind shield when the car doesn’t experience wind... because it’s not being driven... because it’s an investment/collector’s item for it’s buyers. 

12/04/19 10:40AM

This is painfully funny. I’m sorry you both have to deal with bullshit like this. Thanks for being resilient, and confident enough in your work to both laugh at this, and share the laughter with us (even if it is super cringe-worthy / inappropriate / disgusting / sexual harassment)!