Today 2:01AM

Ah, recognitions, famous spine-haver. How many angry internet comment fights have you had this week. 200, 300? Doing the Lord’s work.

Today 2:00AM

You reactionary shitposters always call people stating facts “defending people”. Like, the OP has gone out of his way to say Toobin sucks, fucked up, and should be fired, but he’s making a distinction about what is or isn’t sexual harassment, and you’ve all gone to the “He obviously thinks it’s okay to masturbate in Read more

Yesterday 9:54AM

You made a big mistake trying to add nuance into this conversation. The moment you do that, you’re automatically a gleeful supporter of public masturbators, Nazis, and, what the hell, pedophiles.

Tuesday 3:00AM

Why did she need to apologize? I was a member of a church until I was 20. Do I need to apologize for its anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ stances because I grew up in it?

6/03/21 12:14PM

The only “test” of The Eternals seems to be the question, “Can they really get Angelina Jolie to return for multiple films?”, especially if this one is poorly reviewed and/or doesn’t draw.

Or maybe her character dies? I don’t know, don’t know anything about The Eternals, but Jolie’s casting has always struck me as the Read more

6/03/21 12:05PM

Honestly, there’s a germ of an idea in what she’s saying that could possibly make sense if you were being super generous. The problem is, she’s misusing terms left and right (yes, Communism, but also, I think her concept of AI is a bit fucked).

I’ve had my interactions with some of the Lefter-than-thou crowd who have ar Read more

6/03/21 2:41AM

I’d never heard of this show until it popped up on my Prime this weekend while I was looking for Seinfeld (I’m in Spain). It looked very generic, albeit with an Asian cast. Anyone who has seen it, is it actually good?

6/02/21 9:53AM

Seriously thought that was an image of Gwyneth Paltrow doing some sort of bid for Oscar glory.

6/02/21 2:02AM

Imagine the fun and hilarity that could have been had if Sean was still around to skewer this all properly.

6/01/21 5:38PM

When I saw this trending on Twitter, I thought, “This is EXACTLY the type of story the current AV Club will write about without doing any work to put it into context.” So, yeah.

6/01/21 11:43AM

I love Rostam’s solo work, but the implication that VW’s “Father of the Bride” shouldn’t be counted among the band’s greatest albums is bizarre. It feels like a fantastic culmination of what the band had done so far, while also being a major leap forward.

5/28/21 2:28AM

As someone who grew up caring far too much about the back deals of moviemaking because all I wanted was a Spider-man movie (which I eventually got and loved with Tobey), seeing the MCU not only come together but be a massive success was both satisfying as a fan and as someone who found the business side almost as Read more

5/27/21 2:00PM

There’s a very specific scene from Perfect that I think plenty of people remember (in .gif form).

5/27/21 1:55PM

This definitely gave me “The Mummy” flashbacks, in that the CGI looked like it was from 1999.