Mar 16

I really enjoyed this episode. It felt great to get outside of the park and learn about the “real world” after spending two seasons inside (and to be honest, season 2 felt like a retread of season 1 in ways). We’ll get back to the park(s) next week, it looks like, but I am glad the show took some time to do some Read more

Jan 22

It has growing pains, but nothing nearly as bad as that initial movie. There are a lot of “essential episodes” lists, though, that can get you through the first season.

Jan 22

The entire clone wars series is great. The animation is fantastic, but the storyline gets kind of repetitive. Still fun to watch.

Dec 6

“You want some alcohol do you not.”
“I’m a bounty hunter looking for a...”
“Yes or no will do.”
“How much alcohol can you drink.”
“I’ll have a Fuzzy Tauntaun and a Spotchka.”

Dec 4

He is a dopamine delivery system. It’s December, we all have seasonal depression, let us have our adorable baby alien without the attitude. We’ll dismantle capitalism when the sun comes out again.

May 13 2019

“If you thought that turn on Game of Thrones felt rushed, surprising, or like it came out of nowhere...you haven’t been paying attention.” Read more

Apr 29 2019

How she found them exactly isn’t answered, unless you assume the “Where’s Fury?” scene at the end of Captain Marvel has already happened before the start of Endgame. Read more

Apr 12 2019

My guess is that the new Jedi order that will be founded by Rey will abandon the Jedi name and will be called “Skywalkers.”

Mar 29 2019

I agree. The number one thing baseball needs to do to grow the game is to make sure kids do not get excited when at the park.