Sep 14 2018

But it has the debilitating side effect of making people on it never fucking shut up about the keto diet.

Sep 9 2018

I genuinely hope you took the time to make the same complaint to the dozens of other media outlets that reported this story. At least two are cited above, to make it easier for you.

Aug 29 2018

The people that come to cape for this muthafucker are tripping over themselves to do it again!

Aug 29 2018

Here is one if Kiah’s stalkers. He’s even going as far as to pay swastikas nar her home. He even attempted to confront” her at public meetings and rallies.

Aug 17 2018

Advisors have a lot of power over their advisees. They can make your life miserable, torpedo your career early on. I know mine, while mostly well-intentioned, made me suffer greatly due to her untreated psychiatric problems. The power imbalance in this relationship cannot be stressed enough.

Dec 3 2017

The goal should definelty be that trans models are able to just show up to castings and be judged as individuals, not collected as tokens- but that puts a lot of pressure on the individual model, and the sentiment isn’t helpful unless there are explicit steps to address this. Just saying that the doors are open is not Read more

Dec 3 2017

If Lena Dunham posted this itd be antidiversity, but since it is Rihanna, it’s about organic intersection. Is that the difference? Funny how buzz words can be used to reinforce our preconceived biases. Corporations will NEVER make choices “organically” as they are always targeting specific audiences to sell product. Read more

Dec 3 2017

Agree to disagree on this one. Were it a huge difference, it wouldn’t be so easy for the trolls to rework this one. I think it’s a very blurry line, blurry enough that you have to pay attention to who’s explaining their decision to have not hired any (fill in the blank) to make sure they are being truly “organically Read more

Dec 3 2017

Isn’t this the kind of excuse a lot of Euro-centric companies used to not cast/hire people of color, though? It sounds good on the surface, dig below that and it becomes super-problematic. You want to see how problematic it is? Look at all the anti-diversity folks glomming on to this post, some right here in the Read more

Dec 2 2017

That makes sense. But a diverse organization isn’t going to happen unless that organization actually makes the diverse hire, so the question “Why do you not have any transwomen in your lineup” (which I realize wasn’t the original question) is still important. 

Dec 2 2017

I disagree. Isn’t it better to have representation as long as the representation is ethical? If you hire a transwoman you’re going to be accused of tokenism anyway, and if you don’t have a call specifically for transwomen then the transwomen are less likely to be hired, even by Rihanna.

Isn’t it good to hire a Read more

Oct 31 2017

“Hey guys, I made a number. Not just any number, I swear it’s a special number. I’ll sell it to you.” Read more

Oct 28 2017

Yep, she did make a poor choice, which is why I said I disagreed with her and she’s not my people. I’m still not mocking her miscarriage, nor shrugging off suicidal thoughts because she sang at Trump’s inauguration. Read more

Oct 20 2017

He was trying to praise the victim, basically say that he did an outstanding job and allowed the police to catch these guys. Maybe he didn’t word it in a way that pleased you but it’s obvious he was trying to compliment the victim for keeping his/her composure and getting the license plate recorded rather than say, Read more