Mar 23 2018

If we want 45 to fund even more science (including fusion power), we should tell him NASA+DOE can build him a giant plasma wall between Mexico and the US... If only they develop fusion power plants to make the energy beam affordable... ^_^

Mar 8 2018

Oh sure, some may laugh at the Extreme universe, but I’ll have you know it’s produced some great characters, like Youngblood, Bloodstrike, Bloodpack, BloodForce, Team Blood, The Blood Guys, A Big Kiddie Pool Full of Blood, Bloodo the Blood Dog, Bloodweiser, BloodSquad, A Used Tampon, X-Blood, The Blooder Business Read more

Jul 20 2017

Its explained in the movie that the blood and gore of kaijus was toxic. So they cant use the sword anywhere

Jul 20 2017

Yep, the Doctor’s Daughter’s father is the Doctor’s child’s grandfather and the Doctor’s Daughter is married to the Doctor and they have a daughter.

Jul 20 2017

She’s the actress married to David Tenant irl, right? That means their kids have a father who played the 10th Doctor, a mother who played a clone of the 10th Doctor, and a grandpa that played the 5th Doctor.

Jun 6 2017

Firefly with jazz is something I would accept with open arms.

May 8 2017

In a Facebook post, James Gunn hinted at a possible 2020 release date for the third Guardians film, so mark your calendars accordingly.

May 3 2017

Now I badly want Sigourney Weaver to be playing a character named Cora Door.

Apr 23 2017

I got disenchanted with the notion of chivalry when I found out it only applied to fellow nobles. You could rape and murder a peasant any time you liked with no stain on honour, just a blood-price to the local Lord. What a swizz

Apr 12 2017

I’m gonna miss Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. But he’d a perfect live-action Rick Sanchez.

Apr 6 2017

The Doctor stares at Rip Hunter.

“What?” asks Rip.

“Nothing, I... No, you just look like... No, nothing really, sorry,” the Doctor replies.

“Right, then,” says Rip...

Apr 6 2017

We need a Doctor Who/Legends of Tomorrow crossover where The Masters and the Legion of Doom team up. There wouldn’t be a single piece of scenery left in the world!