6/26/18 7:03PM

The website another user posted says that while constructing the Jurassic World resort, Masrani Global moved all the dinosaurs that were still alive on Isla Sorna to Isla Nublar. Which seems like a really stupid plot point because if you’re going to blow up Isla Nublar, the only source of dinos for future films would Read more

11/11/17 4:14AM

Came for this. YJ is second best Jeep because of Jurassic Park. First best is always Willys, of course.

8/25/17 3:57PM

“wanna buy some death sticks?” —- Elan Sleazebaggano

3/30/17 5:00PM

Nope. Forget it. Jeep is the biggest tease of all manufacturers. Every year we go through this. They build some mind-bogglingly fun vehicles that are based on so many production ready parts that you think, “This looks like that could crank it out next week if they wanted to!” But alas, it is not to be. It will never Read more

1/17/17 10:11AM

There are some things I really like about the soundtrack (I love it whenever Saw and his group are on screen, for instance), but for the most part, the whole thing just gives you Star Wars blue balls. Read more