Mine was last July! It was time to move on from my 2002 Mustang and into something more practical. I was dead set on the new JL as it had the right amount of room I needed and it was a vehicle I knew I could enjoy. After a weekend of dealership hopping, each visit worse than the last I was feeling a bit discouraged by

I am, haven't been on in a long while though. If you have instagram, you can DM me any questions: @jp12dfw. would likely get a quicker response there Read more

it is! used to be all black, just sitting on a ranch here in Texas. Took about 2 1/2 years to complete Read more

You have my attention. Got any pictures?? :) Read more

Presented without comment 

One massive plot hole that I haven’t stopped thinking about is, What about Site B?

then i guess this makes me your hero :) Read more

I personally can attest to this

I just want a picture with a Puffalump while I’m out there tbh. Read more

Dat Mopar Light bar though... Read more

THIS! I agree whole-heartedly. And that was my attitude towards Rogue One’s Score, It just left me wanting more from it. The same with when he composed the score for Jurassic World. Read more

Maldonado approves.

Well, a while back a couple of people from the Jurassic Park Jeep Community (including me) decided to have a run of them custom made. I somehow ended up with 8 of them, and I’m probably never going to put them on my Jeep because I’m an anal person who lives for screen accuracy. Just wanted them because I’m an impulse

How about this?

I’d say so! Perfect conditions. If only we had the thrill of last years race minus the monsoon. Read more

But.... but... I like my YJ