Mar 28 2017

Wire mesh grilles made out of Home Depot gutter guard material. To make it worse, I did it to two different cars.

Feb 10 2016

I shoot a Nikon and actually found this setting whilst perusing the Nikon USA site. I have a hard time using a camera that doesn’t have BBF now! Like this Tip of the Week thing, keep ‘em coming!

Feb 3 2016

Full frame is awesome! The combination of megapixles, dynamic range, and color depth make me pick them over aps-c.

Dec 30 2015

From what I’ve seen so far this lens produces more cooler/neutral tones than most other lenses. From the tests I’ve read a lot of people prefer the colors of the Sigma over the Canon 35 1.4L, but I guess it’s all down to preference.

Dec 30 2015

Very nice lens, and nice shot too. The blown highlights and angle make it look other worldly.