Zelda Pinwheel
Dec 19 2018

Michael Rapaport is 48 looks 63 and acts 16. If you keep literally every aspect of him exactly the same there’s hotter men every place anywhere. 

Dec 19 2018

Michael Rapaport is only 48? Jesus Christ, dude doesn't get to talk about other people's appearance.

Nov 14 2018

It worked out well for Thomas Dolby. Mind you, he was already blinded by science.

Nov 12 2018

My new t-shirt: “I watched an hour+ of the Outlaw King and all I got was a shadowy bush.”

Jun 8 2018

If I’ve understood mollywobbles correctly, he apparently once made a comment about overweight people while smoking. Therefore, he’s not nice and anyone sad about his suicide is trying to make him a saint. 🙄

Jun 7 2018

My heart melted at Antoni absolutely losing his shit. I can’t wait for that episode.

Jun 7 2018

100% this. It’s very sort of gentle to me. They seem so interested in the subjects and what their concerns and challenges are and what will ultimately work for them. I feel like there’s so much genuine listening portrayed it made me feel kind of sad that that is becoming a lost element of human interactions. Read more

Jun 7 2018

Isn’t them looking perfect kind of the point of this whole movie? I’m in it for the hair, the makeup, the outfits.

Jun 7 2018

Yep; I never even really saw the slogan as clunky, mostly because I never really saw it as anything other than a direct reference to the book. The book was, of course, a massive bestseller, and it had a massive impact on changing American attitudes towards sex. In that regard, the show’s use of the slogan could Read more

Jun 7 2018

Excuse me while I sing their praises for a minute— I LOVED the first iteration of this show so much, and was disappointed to see that they got a whole new cast with younger men. However, this show is so much more positive than the last one. I guess both are progressive products of their time, and V1 was fantastic in

Jun 7 2018

Or maybe it’s because every damn article starts with her asking a goddamn stupid question

I LOVE THIS SHOW but ggoddaaamnit did not age well and Carrie is the worst.

Jun 7 2018

I agree that this is a really clunky slogan that doesn’t make much sense, but I think it’s supposed to be a reference to the book/movie “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)”. It’s still pretty clunky but maybe makes a little more sense in that context?

Jun 6 2018

Hey! It’s Sex and the City Week, in honor of the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City. That’s why we’re doing a lot of Sex and the City coverage. Many other websites are too. Thanks so much for reading! Love, Jezebel, during Sex and the City Week.

Jun 6 2018

I know we only have 60 seconds here, but hot damn CARRIE FISHER is in an episode! Worth a mention! And she calls Carrie a prostitute and verbally abuses her assistant Vince Vaughn and it is amazing!

Jun 6 2018

It’s time for brands to go back to being depersonalized concepts with a fictional logo or mascot. Most people aren’t constituted to represent some huge concept with and for their entire lives. Read more