Thanks. It does help to count one’s blessings. Read more

* zeetal also is dreaming of a cushy existence, seeing as she’s jealous that her friends (who have lived in NZ for 5 minutes) have all purchased houses here (high cost of living) and she cannot. why? because her friends are married to doctors and sold million-dollar places in the US, transferred that to NZD, and now Read more

OMG thank you! I feel the same about WW. People were telling me — a woman — that it was this great movie. And I’m like, it wasn’t, and it wasn’t even that feminist. I’m glad that there’s a woman-lead and stuff, but otherwise? eh. It wasn’t great. I’m glad that there was a woman director, but otherwise? eh. Read more

Truly heartbreaking and I agree. This was not a villain who is villainous for silly reasons. This was a man who was doing what he felt was right and best, who held a deep wound. I wanted him to live. I wanted him to be healed and brought to rights with his family and home. And then that line. His power. I was crying. Read more

These were powerful women, or I should say ‘actual’ women because that’s how women are. Read more

Yeah, every single performance was brilliantly on point. Just perfect. Seemingly effortless — so you know they put the hard yards in. Read more

It’s so bizarre how blind people are to themselves. What he’s doing right now is abusive (financial abuse, it’s a thing!). He should just pull up his socks and finish the mediation. Read more

You know what? That sounds all good! Read more

You know what? It’s totally ok to post this. I”m sorry for the loss of your friend. I’m sorry that her kids are going through it. I will definitely keep them in my thoughts. Read more

Such a cute baby! she likes to stick out her tongue in those pictures! Adorable! Read more

Grief is weird and wild and makes no sense. So, sounds like you’re exactly right where you’re supposed to be. That may be no comfort, but there you are. Read more

Contact Improv, Acro Yoga, and Salsa dance as well. Read more

the not-consistent start time thing is confusing. Read more

Yeah. My parents had my sister as a “gift” to me so that I didn’t have to “grow up lonely” as an only child. Read more

I thought this was interesting, too. Read more

This was my thought — people haven’t heard of galoshes? Read more

I’m an american living in NZ. I feel like this has been reality for a long time, and people are just now waking up to it. Read more

We had a bunny, too, and they are so excellent. He was 10 yrs old when he passed and we were so sad about it. Nearly 10 years later, and I still miss him. Read more