ZeeBaka (old account go away)
Jan 4 2018

I actually did read nothing at all before playing it. Just its title among the others in “Best Games of 2017".

Jan 4 2018

Just Monika. Just Monika. Just Monika. Monikamhonikamonikamonikeamonikamonikamolnikamonikamonikpamonikamonikamonmikamoniamonikaemonikamonikamonika

Jan 4 2018

I feel like I’ve been tipped off so much that this game has a creepypasta/horror angle that it’s not going to surprise me. Should I give it a chance anyway?

Jan 2 2018

Fine, but we need to tell the dark chocolate eating psychopaths out there that their desire for that nasty shit, instead of the sweet, sweet bliss of milk chocolate, is already outstripping supply and that they will be to blame for chocolate’s demise.

Dec 31 2017

Is it weird that my brain saw Life in Aggro and said, “Woah I can generally follow and read this one... wait... must be an earlier one then.”

and indeed it is from Jan 16, 2016.

I’m not sure if it’s good or bad to expect their more recent strips to have crazy layout all the time.

Dec 27 2017

This is about womenizing animals and treating them as women *laugh*.

Dec 22 2017

I am trying so hard to start writing and I just can’t get myself to do it. Perhaps it is a lack of motivation, or too much freedom, or me just being lazy. If anyone has any suggestions...

Dec 20 2017

I’m afraid I don’t really have a favorite Christmas movie, I am not really a fan of the genre. Fond christmas gaming memory... Probably opening up Skyward Sword and playing it before my break ended

Dec 17 2017

Corpse Run nailed it. I had to restart Persona 4 because I saved Yukiko too quickly.

Dec 14 2017

GTA online is fun if you have friends to play with and plenty of time to sink into it.

Aug 24 2017

Smart move for Rockstar to bring back Smuggler’s Run in a clever way, without releasing an unnecessary standalone game :)