6/02/21 8:07PM

Firstly: Yes, girl YES!
But secondly, I’m wondering if anyone has told “...local outlet, Advocate Magazine...” that they’re named after the world’s premier LGBT media organization.

6/02/21 7:28PM

These are excellent points. I think the better way to approach this issue would be a bigger piece on the issues you bring up. But that’s not happening yet; instead this really seems to be about “Ellie Kemper’s problematic racist past”

6/02/21 6:28PM

I didn’t have an opinion about Ellie Kemper until yesterday when The Root (and then a few hours later the A.V. Club) broke this non-story. Unless we hear otherwise- like, as if she is a known racist troll or something demonstrative like that- I think it’s time to let this one go. As others have already said, she was Read more

6/02/21 4:32PM

I think it would be great if you could publish a story per day during June just like this one to expose a corporation trying to Rainbow- wash Pride month.

Read more

6/01/21 3:24PM

This is the best take of the movie that I’ve read.
Let’s now move on to other topics!

5/27/21 2:12PM

I really don’t understand when dumbshit people like her double down on their dumbshit behavior. Had she had the good sense to just keep a low profile, we all would have forgotten about her racist dumbass by now. But now here we go again- fuck this woman. Hope it’s worth it for her.

5/24/21 2:54PM

I hate that for the last year I’ve been saying to everyone that “we need to trust the CDC’s recommendations!” only now to think that I... don’t really trust the CDCs recommendations because I think we’re lifting restrictions too soon.

5/24/21 2:44PM

So... I assume Season Two is quickly on the way, then?

5/18/21 3:01PM

Oy, thanks. I didn’t click the article and I probably should have, but I don’t want to read any more bad news about this already shitty situation.

5/18/21 2:48PM

My story is rather tangental to the subject matter, but it is something I will never forget, something I tell everyone I know when they talk about working long hours, sacrificing their personal lives for work:
When I first became a nurse I took care of a patient who had recently become a quadriplegic. Patient was in Read more

5/18/21 2:02PM

Isn’t the news about T.I. and Tiny... old? I mean, didn’t you first write about this literally months ago? I get that time is a flat circle and maybe I’m crazy.

5/17/21 12:00PM

Right? I’m reading all these comments like, why are we all assuming it’s evangelical? It’s the least logical conclusion. 

5/13/21 2:13PM

...”I was *am* an insecure, attention seeking troll...”
There, fixed it for ya Chrissy.

5/13/21 1:53PM

“...especially under the guise of ‘helping others,’ seems in dangerously poor taste.” Read more

5/13/21 1:37PM

Christ. I love and admire Laverne Cox so much. She does not deserve all this continued bullshit, and this world does not deserve her.