Definitely buying a lightly used one for my wife when her car craps the bed in a few years. Read more

I have never experienced any of these bugs, and your grammar and punctuation are terrible. Learn how to use a comma, dude. Read more

So it’s Apple’s fault your coworker doesn’t know what she’s doing? Read more

How are they making the existing platform worse? They introduced a thoroughly revised new version of iOS, which naturally was optimized for the new hardware. Does it incentive upgrading? Duh, as you said they need to develop new reasons for people to keep buying new stuff. But Apple is not deliberately making old Read more

So would you say don’t buy if I have Horizon 3? Because I love H3 and this sounds like a worse version of that, plus cops. Read more

Also I think you misinterpreted his tweet. He said “my character wasn’t developed as I was told.” I took that to mean he didn’t like the way they had him play it so he backed out. Read more

Thank. The good. Lord. He was far and away the worst part of season 1. Read more

No they don’t. They aren’t forcing anyone to upgrade; if they were I would agree with you. People get up in arms about iOS updates nerfing old phones, but how about the fact that most old Android phones don’t my even have the ability to receive updates? This is only a newsworthy issue because of the ubiquity of the Read more

Anyone else have trouble scaling this to 1080p? Read more

I upgraded from an S7 to an iPhone 8 Plus, and while I miss Android, I definitely find the phone itself to be a major upgrade. But I see where you’re coming from. The iPhone X seems great, but I would never spend $1,000 on it when I can get 99% of the functionality for $200 less. Read more

Up yours, Best Buy; I’ll get mine at the Apple store. Read more

Sometimes I want to be a writer. Then I read an article this wonderfully written and wonder if I can hack it. Read more

I think you are also forgetting about supply and demand. I can’t even imagine how many more Escalades are sold in LA compared to Bozeman. That fact alone means dealers are less likely to bargain. Why sell for less to one person when the next guy in the door will pay asking? Read more

It would be far more exciting to see non-F1 drivers in races if they ever ended up in competitive cars. Read more

I think Ricciardo is signed with Red Bull through 2018. And Mercedes loves Bottas, so it’s unlikely that would have happened. Plus, Ricc is number one at Red Bull (for now) so why would he go play second fiddle to Hamilton? Read more

I think he knows Red Bull plans to focus the team on him going forward, and it’s a competitive car, so it’s worth his while. Plus where else would he go? Vettel isn’t going anywhere and I doubt Kimi is either, and we know Bottas and Ham are staying at Mercedes. Read more

Does anyone know if the American GP will be shown on NBCSN as well? I just have PlayStation Vue so I don’t get local broadcast networks. Read more

Um like 98% of actual RR buyers want a vehicle that drives well on road. Which is why they sell better with every generation. Because they get better to drive. Read more