May 23 2017

This video gets a 10/10 for the use of DKC sound effects and Stickerbrush Symphony alone.

Jun 8 2016

Funny, 100k people on that server disagree. Millions of people asking for the servers disagree. 7 million playes who have quit (most screaming its because the game is now shit) disagree.

Dec 27 2015

When this novel wins the Hugo and is counted among the best SF novels ever written, maybe we can talk about it doing a “much better job” than Heinlein’s novel. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is a master class in world building and story telling - if you think the latest novel-of-the-month is its better, you’ll be wrong Read more

Nov 9 2015

So...it’s par for the course? It’s Bethesda. Their games are huge and you can do lots of things in them, so of course there’s gonna be crazy bugs. That being said, this is the reason I don’t mind waiting 2-4 weeks for a patch that fixes the really broken sh!t.

Jun 29 2015

I will never understand how or why people like rose petal lady and paper towel lady are tolerated. I understand why servers have to tolerate them, but I don’t understand why managers allow that to be the case. Just tell them to get the fuck out. No one who acts that way is likely to have the credibility to Read more

Jun 19 2015

Except you’re not a professional gamer. And you’re not in the middle of a competitive league season. And your hand falling asleep isn’t an injury.

Jun 16 2015

Seems a bit like a red Harrington. Er, herring.

Jun 1 2015

LOL @ U.S. site claiming all U.S. reports are 100% legit.

May 31 2015

I remember getting a sub for this the day it was released. Played for a day and then quit, it wasn't that good. But that I mean it's just like every other MMO out there.

May 25 2015

Bethesda announces Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls VI, drops mic, and walk off stage.

May 19 2015

That’s what I figured.
It make sense, but sometimes, when I hear people bitching about champion x being OP or “not viable,” or the meta being so stale, I think we probably have more fun in the lower tiers, where nothing is OP, but anything could be.

May 14 2015

Yeah I was gonna say, this has been Riot’s business strategy for a long ass time now.

May 11 2015

Yup. It's singed. They commented on forums