Jul 7 2017

This fish is extremely dead and your critique of “Asian countries” is borderline racist.

Jun 25 2017

My mother is a domestic abuser and I have no doubt that she doesn’t abuse her current husband or stepkids in the way that she abused my family. Abusers are selective about how they abuse. I think a real and genuine apology and change of behaviour is the key and that’s a tough one to determine.

May 28 2017

“According to ABC, one parent posted on social media that students should respect Ryan because he has a fancy job, no matter how much you may want health insurance someday.”

May 12 2017

FURTHER, on May 1st they recognized May as National Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Read more

Apr 30 2017

Everyone keeps talking about these kids as though they were all rich. Won’t anyone think of the entrepreneurial drug dealers who are now stuck with a shitload of mollie when concert season hasn’t even started yet?

Apr 30 2017

Also, the lack of plumbing and water were on the SITE, that stretch of beach, not the entire island. They were within walking distance of a damned Sandals, not stranded on Gilligan’s Isle.

Apr 11 2017

What the hell? I’ll share, what might be, my all time favorite The Onion content. Read more

Apr 11 2017

They always look like either serial killers or village idiots.

Mar 30 2017

Also who would have guessed theologian Reinhold Niebuhr was such a volleyball perv on Twitter

Mar 30 2017

Wait, they have tape of Hulk Hogan nailing James Comey?

Mar 7 2017

Also I’d watch a movie where Jane Fonda plays Rihanna’s grandmother and they like party in New Orleans for a weekend maybe? IDK I haven’t worked out all the details yet.

Mar 1 2017

Why do I feel like that’s deliberate? As in, Pence will become our president and get credit for “integrity” and “rebuilding from the ashes”

Mar 1 2017

Oh, it’s a perfectly cromulent university. Forbco University, 123 Sizzler St. Flavortown, USA

Mar 1 2017

He was on the varsity Forbcoball team and graduated magna something something.

Feb 15 2017

I’m awake until 4 am every night looking through my Twitter feed. I have to stop. Then I wake up every morning thinking, What did he say while I was sleeping? This is not a healthy way to live. I hate every single asshole responsible for denying Clinton the election. If only because we would be so much calmer right Read more

Feb 14 2017

I was listening to the radio yesterday and they were interviewing this asshat senator who said “If we have proof that Flynn reached out to Russia about the sanctions, blah, blah” and I screamed “THEY ALREADY SAID THEY HAVE IT ON TAPE!!!” I tell my husband if this doesn’t stop soon I am going to have a stroke.