Yuni Kitadai
Jan 23

We need to nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure...

Nov 19

Maybe, I guess... You are talking to probably the only actual Trooper in Japan. lol #TKUK #Tokyo

Nov 15

There goes my aim down the drain. How am I supposed to see anything in this suit!?

Nov 12

That is too much technical correctness. No one got hurt,right? That calls for either a “Needs more oppo!” or a “Why did you turn?” meme. lol 

Aug 19

so, how many oval tracks are there in F1? and why aren’t they using the “safest” barriers? just asking for a friend

Jul 24

Xi Ping doesn’t like people to remind him that he looks like Pooh... It would be hilarious if Hanyu Yuzuru fans in China threw Xi Ping dolls at him instead.

Jul 23

At least they are consistant. That Sub too has not eaten in 3 weeks.

Jul 18

That is what I’m reading in the news here in Japan. That being said the suspect lost consciousness soon after blurting this out to the arresting officer while sprawled out on the asphalt, so we don’t know for sure...

Jul 18

There are going to be more deaths confirmed within the next few days. The gruesome details of this horrific attack will come out. The male arsonist was upset that they stole his idea, somehow. Sickening...

Jul 12

I remember going from Tokyo - Niigata on the shinkansen then taking an hour flight over to Vladivostok 10 years ago. I remember seeing mostly secondhand JDM cars on the roads. Going from the airport into city I saw JDM cars being in various forms of being rebuilt the closer we got to the city. I was told that taxes on Read more

Jul 7 2019

Was it just me who envisioned Don and his kids strapped to the underside of a Warthog?

May 30 2019

Movies here are too expensive so the average number of movies seen at theaters annually is less than 2 per person. Read more