YKP (outta here!)
Jun 13 2017

Part of me thinks that he’s near death and North Korea only let him go bc they don’t want a dead American on their hands,

Jun 10 2017

Penny is no more - her name is now Willow, because Amy was answering to Penny too. This first week of having another dog has been very interesting, as we’re getting to know her and she’s getting to know us (and our vet, who after Willow and Amy’s joint appointment is now in possession of my 2 arms and 3/4 of a leg).

Jun 8 2017

The Washington Post reports that under his plea deal, Thicklen served three days and paid a fine of $200. The County will likely appeal the jury’s verdict. Read more

Jun 1 2017

I volunteered at the Planned Parenthood headquarters in Los Angeles a few days a week awhile back when I was unemployed. It was mostly very basic office work, but my favorite part was filing donor letters and making donation thank-you calls, because I got to see all the famous people who supported PP. It’s nice to Read more

May 27 2017

You never know. Literally I woke up one day and was like “Hey, I know what I want to do...”. Weird.

That was my whole reason for keeping my name in the first place. My mum went through that with her divorce. It was really irritating because she was born in the UK and changing it back took forever. She’s remarried now Read more

May 27 2017

I don’t want to change my kids names because they are 5 and 8 and my 5 year old JUST learned how to spell it. Lol. They also have my last name as a second middle name. But that said, our names do combine in a neat way. My last name is two English words squashed together and his last name is two Swedish words squashed Read more

May 27 2017

Cannot relate. I’ve been married for 12 years and not once have I had the desire to change my name. A friend of mine is going through a divorce she absolutely doesn’t agree to and I can’t imagine how painful it’s going to be to change back her name.

May 27 2017

So this is weird. I’ve been pondering changing my last name so it’s the same as my husband and kids. We’ve been married for ten years and I never once thought about changing it, but now I have this inexplicable desire to do so. Why? I don’t get it.

Apr 18 2017

I frequently get calls telling me my car’s warranty has/is expiring and they are with the “dealer services department.”
I respond with “I no longer have the car anymore it caught on fire after a bad accident I was in. Please don’t call me about it anymore it brings up horrific memories.”

Apr 17 2017

This was back in the 90s, before the days of cell phones and perma-numbers. I moved and was assigned a new number, and it quickly became clear that the person who’d had the number before me had been something of a Lothario. For months, I got calls — often multiple a night — from women who were very displeased to hear Read more

Mar 29 2017

Something similar-ish happened with my mom. She was getting SSD for herself because she had multiple back surgeries and could no longer do her previous job, but she also happened to be getting SSI benefits for me as part of my father’s child support. This was through about 5 years or so in the early 2000's. Read more

Mar 28 2017

Wow. I’m genuinely sorry they are screwing you like this. It has always pissed me off that the system is such that those who know how to work the system - not necessarily those who need assistance, are the ones who get benefits most often. Hearing of someone being forced to repay benefits they needed, because they had Read more

Mar 28 2017

Yeah I’m thinking this is all kinds of wrong as you did meet the criteria, for a disability the time you were getting it. I would look into getting an attorney to look at the legality of this. My hubby is a OEF/OIF vet and He meets the criteria for 50% ......if they ever tried to take it away..... he has all the Read more

Mar 28 2017

I am not a veteran, but this happened to me. I was diagnosed bi-polar, and spent a good part of the ‘90s in and out of mental hospitals. This included several suicide attempts, several SEVERE manic episodes, a number times being handcuffed and carted away by the cops, and one psychotic break. Read more

Mar 28 2017

I watched this episode Sunday night and honestly did not even notice the dick out. It was such an intense scene and I think I was more focused on the faces.

Mar 28 2017

Deeply disturbing as well are the conversations I’ve seen on forums like previously.com exposing some SERIOUS misconceptions about abusive relationships. Lots of stuff about “this is totally unrealistic, she’s a smart lawyer! She’s so well educated! That woman would NEVER put up with that kind of abuse IRL!”