Oct 21

“They’ve reached rock bottom,” you said. “There’s no way it could any dumber or any worse,” you insisted. Zack Snyder replied, “Hold my beer.”

Oct 21

I’m waiting for this to come out:

“Sure, millions of people will die, but most of those will be elderly people! think of the reduced strain on the Social Security and Medicare systems!!! It’s win/win! Economy is saved and we help out Social Security and Medicare!!!”

Oct 20

Eccleston (and therefore, Billie Piper) was my introduction to Doctor Who, and thus will always be MY Doctor and companion respectively. I need to watch the later seasons, though.

Oct 19

Bad take, Reese’s are the tits. I hope you stub your toe every day for the rest of your life.

Oct 14

Don’t forget that China is committing genocide, Russia is trying to undermine democracy across the world, and in Nigeria the police force has started executing protestors

Oct 13

Where to start? This Sequel trilogy was supposed be about the end of the line for the original characters and an introduction for the next generation. Read more

Oct 8

Come on, the Enterprise ran across one a couple times every season in TOS and TNG!

Oct 7

I keep waiting for a new epic fantasy series to come out that holds my attention like Jordan, Martin or Goodkind Read more

Oct 1

Seventh Day Adventists hold fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Many that are shared among other Protestant fundamentalist Christian sects. Including but not limited to Fundamentalist Mormons, hard-line Presbyterians, Independent Methodists, The American Baptist Association, and Christian Scientists. What people Read more

Sep 30

Even a company with savings would likely have to lay off employees in this situation. You may run a company, but I highly doubt it’s so big that all of your employee base could cumulatively rival a small city. The scale of the problem makes it much trickier to deal with, especially since we’re not talking about 3 Read more

Sep 30

WHAT is this bullshit? One of those “withered husks” is our only barrier to a straight-up fascist country that accelerates climate change and puts many of our neighbors and friends at risk of....almost anything. There is no equivalency here. Shitposting like this is harmful.  Read more

Sep 28

The Rock: Hi, I’m the Rock. I’m the generic but likable movie star of the moment. All around, I’m a pretty nice dude who got lucky with his level of movie stardom. I’m just really more likable than a great actor, but who cares? Used to be a popular wrestler before I became a blockbuster draw. My entire persona is all Read more

Nov 19 2016

Not to be a dick or pedantic or anything, but workout is a noun, not a verb. What you’re looking for is work out. It’s a small, common mistake, but it matters.