Apr 29

Or... you could take that same hydrogen, combine it with CO2 from atmospheric collection, and use a Sabatier catalyst to end up with liquid methane syngas. Not only do we get net-zero emissions and we get to keep the vroom-vroom, we also get to keep 5-minute fill ups. We already use LNG in a lot of city buses and Read more

Apr 20

But despite saying he welcomed people moving to Florida, Judd warned, “don’t register to vote and vote the stupid way they did up north and get what they got.” Read more

Apr 14

Mine is the Cadillac ELR. Massively overpriced, wrong wheel drive, slow, and most of the car reviewers hated it. But every time I see one of these, I think, “how much are those on the used market now?”

Feb 4

God so much this.

Every job I’ve had, it wasn’t because I sent out resumes and cold-called HR departments hoping that my CV somehow rose to the top of the pile. No, it was because I knew someone who could vouch for me and my abilities. And I will never forget that.

I’m also learning that I must be willing to pay more Read more

Feb 4

Yeah, and it’s pretty amazing how it turned out that all these jobs we treated as crap jobs turned out to be essential to keep the country functioning during a pandemic. Almost like teaching the middle class to punch down at these jobs was really just a distraction for the fact that the super rich were profiting Read more

Feb 4

Yeah man, people definitely take these garbage jobs with a company that shouldn’t, because they have a plethora of better options! Just like people who drive for Lyft and Uber because the economic system works.

Jan 31

counterpoint: the regulations aren’t being drawn up with stuff like a hellcat in mind at all. they’re being drawn up to cover the 99.99% of cars that aren’t hellcats and the modern muscle cars are just going to be collateral damage. look around in a parking lot. there are an awful lot of V8 powered trucks.

also, read Read more

Jan 27

If they can work out the how to bring the cost of fuel down, it has the potential of being better than BEVs.

Jan 27

I just don’t see the point in buying what is essentially a BEV vehicle that is far less efficient than other BEVs, is harder to “recharge”, and is more expensive.

I’m driving my 3rd Toyota and I love them for their reliability. But I think they are heading off in the wrong direction with fuel cells.

Jan 27

Neutral: I’d guess probably Volvo. They seem to be the manufacturer with the smallest number of brands (just 2) & models (like <12 if you count badges) that has been fairly aggressively hybridizing & leaning into the EV market. They really have a small number of platforms and any investment to make them EV can be Read more

Jan 25

I’m glad you mentioned LCOE, and why it matters. For those of you wondering what this means --

Jan 25

It really is something how much this shift has picked up in the last 3 years it seems like. It’s *almost* like the powers that be in this society understand just how dire the climate situation will get* if change doesn’t happen ASAP Read more