You can tell a Finn but you can't tell him much
11:12 AM

We can turn this into a Family Feud question.Top 5 answers when polling 100 people are: Read more

7:09 PM

She is a traitor whether she passed notes or not. She went to Vietnam and hung out with the people firing weapons at American troops. Fuck Jane Fonda. 

11:55 AM

I work as an ethical hacker. With just your public IP i can scan and find out what kind of router you have and any services you’ve left available externally but unless you have really old software, a really shitty router,or IoT devices, there isn’t anything to worry about. If you want me to take a look, contact me at Read more

10:04 AM

It’s clear that you have no experience living the rural life. You don’t understand what’s important and why. Education has vastly improved across the nation, both in rural and urban areas. You have chosen to believe that all of the people in “flyover country” are uneducated country bumpkins. You assume that country Read more

7:48 AM

No one is better in a world where 35 year old accusations place a burden on the accused to demonstrate innocence. There is nothing even slightly reliable about a 35 year old eyewitness identification. I understand why victims don't report, but when they don't there are consequences.

7:45 AM

If he is not confirmed, any future nominee can be derailed by unreliable, unproveable allegations that cannot be defended. That is an ugly outcome. 

4:52 PM

The Screech would have made an interesting weapon though. You don’t need to carry bombs, rockets or bullets, just fly around the enemy and let the noise incapacitate everyone!