You can tell a Finn but you can't tell him much
11:43 AM

The DHR will have slightly less rolling resistance than the DHF, and you can generally get away with running a less grippy / lower rolling resistance tire on the rear. I would talk to a local bike shop and see what they suggest for a rear tire in your area. Unless you’re doing almost exclusive shuttle or lift served Read more

5:52 PM

You respond to a post that only included data by accusing it of politicizing and shit stirring, now when I question you you respond by quoting a comment in the discussion. The post that you accuse of shit stirring had none of that, yet your response was clearly intended to stir shit. Read more

11:09 AM

I can’t begin to wrap my head around trying to land a U-2 on a carrier.  From everything I’ve seen these just didn’t want to land.  Trying to land a plane that usually gets a chase car talking them down to a long runway and instead putting it down on a carrier is just a whole other level of piloting skill.