You can tell a Finn but you can't tell him much
8:35 PM

Burrito del Sol in Ft. Walton Beach is excellent for Mexican food. If you’ve got the time for a trip to Pensacola the Navy Air Museum is awesome. Closer to Destin is the Air Force Armaments Museum at Eglin AFB that is pretty cool too. They’ve got an SR-71 and some other neat stuff to look at.

3:48 PM

Putting the third engine in the tail allowed them to use short landing gear which makes for easier loading and unloading.  It also keeps the engine and propeller pretty well protected from FOD.  If I remember correctly they were using these on island landing strips that were on beaches.

11:50 PM

I’ve had an XS almost since they came out last fall. I’ve run it without a screen protector, and a year later the screen is still flawless. I’ve got the Apple slim case on it, but that’s it for protection. It’s been dropped a few times, the case is beat to the point I should replace it and I keep it in my pocket with

9:19 AM

From what I’ve read on it, the fighter pilots found it difficult to dock up to the wingtips because they had to be looking over their shoulders during the maneuvering.  I’m sure the wingtip vortices coming off the B-36 didn’t really help matter either.