There you go, bringing class into it again. Read more

Loved Mists of Avalon years ago; subsequent revelations that Marion Zimmer Bradley was a child molester makes it hard to revisit it. Read more

Either a jar of peppers with a Best Before date of June 2009, or the Lost City Of Ninevah. Both were unexpected. Read more

Sorry Allison, but HEB is the true natural habitat of the Grackle. Read more

Houston is East Texas, Dallas is North Texas. People in Texas like to point that out. Read more

Meanwhile, one of my biggest critiques with rock in the 2010s is how it feels like so little has actually evolved, even among less mainstream darlings. Read more

Girl, I’m coming to your house!

Don’t subtweet people on Kinja, it’s lame. In any event, think how many people could are familiar with a performer’s output is actually a pretty relevant metric in how “influential” they are. It’s not the end all be all, but it is certainly relevant. Read more

Missed The Office train the first time around, and watching it now on Netflix. We watched New Girl when it was on, so I was introduced to Angela Kinsey that way. It was, and remains, hilarious to see Jess’s drug-doing, popular girl, “Loose Cannon” coworker as the congenitally uptight sourpuss she plays on The Office. Read more

I dunno. How many Louis Armstrong songs would the average person recognize? By contrast, how many people are well acquainted with the Cosby Show, or Bill Cosby’s comedy routines, or Eddie Murphy’s comedy routines, or his time on SNL, or his many hit movies? Read more

She did, but it got cancelled. She seems like a perfectly well-adjusted human. There are a lot of weird articles out there that paint her as a sad sack, which is pretty weird to me. Read more

The holidays don’t “belong” to anyone

Aimee, I love that you went for Snickers, Kit Kat and pop, but the Handi-Snacks I cannot abide. Read more

You are so brave. They're fucking books. get over it. Read more

You’re a grownup now. I’m sure you’re capable of separating a series of books which wrapped up over a decade ago from the author’s present day opinions. If not that’s on you, not her. Read more

This is the context a woman was fired from her job for tweeting a woman or man cannot change their sex. A judge then upheld the firing claiming her views were “Absolutist”. Here is where I think the discussion is getting a little outlandish. There is two concepts, “sex” and “gender” which while related I would argue Read more

I don’t frequent Starbucks all that much (I prefer Caribou, which doesn’t use silly naming conventions), but when I do I just say small, medium, etc. Not once has a barista tried to correct me or even seemed to care in the slightest.  Read more

If there are three cup sizes, and the person taking the order can’t figure out how “small”, “medium” or “large” corresponds to their naming convention, then their compulsory education failed them. Read more

Really glad we collectively agreed on cancelling calling people ‘humans’. I don’t know why it drives me nuts, but it does! An old dear friend of mine has taken to saying it and it just.......it’s faux quirky in the worst way. I feel like I should gently say something but IRL it’s hard, you know? Read more