You know, for kids
Jun 6

Tell your friend that while anti-Asian racism is still a huge problem, we have also reaped the benefits of being “white-enough” and a “good minority” in many cases. That’s before we even get into the ways our community has latched onto anti-black racism in the US and helped perpetuate a system that oppresses black Read more

May 31

Derek Chauvin wouldn’t have been charged on Friday if the police precinct didn’t burn down Thursday night. Sometimes violence is the only solution.

Jan 28

A buddy of mine who’s an expert in Rolex watches ordered by guys in the Air Force in the 1970s.

Nov 11

This is true. No amount of indian or asian people in these companies will ever side with black people. Most of them are completely ignorant of america’s racial past and treatment of blacks. The bay area is filled with asians and indians who don’t care about diversity and treating black people as equals because 1. They Read more

Oct 15

Maybe you’ve lived in such sheltered, privileged, homogeneous setting? Not everyone lives that way, you know.

Oct 13

I know exactly how he feels. There was this media company I liked that was bought by sociopathic hedge fund vampires who paid themselves obscene salaries while running the company into the ground.

Oct 11

one who’d like to preserve the perception of themselves as brave truth-tellers, but would prefer not actually having to engage in any of that risky truth-telling business. Read more

Oct 8

The guy’s been building winning race cars for decades, but I’m sure you’re right to assume he’s a chump.

Sep 26

Moved to Wisconsin a few years ago. Start with the Packers ownership.

Sep 26

Exactly, these people don’t bitch about torture porn movies and torture happens every day somewhere in the world. Read more