Thistle, the Lady Nerevarine
9:27 PM

Bahahaha that video is such a glorious load of horseshit. I mean, I’ve got a lot of tattoos, but they’re by no means to total embodiment of my glorious and noble character. I certainly don’t believe passionately in the existence of swirly designs or feel that they embody my spirit. And if I’m a ferocious Read more

2:46 PM

That “so anxious that now I’m depressed!” cycle is garbage and I hate it. I know that feel, unfortunately, as do several of my friends. If it helps, just remember that your body has been not-depressed before, and it will get there again. Even though the depression feels like forever now, it won’t be forever. Be well <3

1:09 PM

My foursome of awesome people is reconvening next week, I know that excitement! Two of us live in the same town, but the other two live (A) several states away, or (B) in Europe. And they ALL are better cooks than I am. Win for me!

12:51 PM

If we’re complaining about websites, my university’s entire website is poop. So is the professional organization I belong to. Functional web design is a mighty, secretive unicorn.

8:53 PM

I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that. My husband and I have agreed in advance that if the same happens to us, we will terminate, and it scares me that this law is coming up as something that people think is a good idea (we don’t live in OK).

10:42 PM

Button-downs or even just long sleeved t-shirts. I don’t think I’ve heard of Express before so I’ll look into that!