Keith C

Hood rat degenerate that can play pro football.  Maybe there is more to this story.  But, he is nearly illiterate and a diva.

They ripped off Life of Brian, by Monty Python. At least it is better than their gut rotting shitty beer. I did love the “Buuuuuud Lite” commercial in SB with Carlos Mencia. Very funny, unlike my Brown.

Like your article, this rendition is not 100% accurate. But, like your articles, it is funny and entertaining. I was merely trying to help my 5 year old nephew draw Snoopy. Then, this occurred. It shows the fellas getting back to who they are when the season is over and the SB is won. Peyton can grow his brows to

I love Cole slaw, but would not put it on anything. But, if in Pittsburgh . ..

Funny. But, it’s Mike Vander...

That is funny. It makes him sound like the missing link.

Fuck theatre and James Joyce. Both are terrible. You are making my head hurt.

Now that is funny. Weather and traditon have very little to do with pro football. Once a year there will be fog or extreme cold, but great offenses always find a way.

Very cool. It probably has more applications than just shooting hoops. But, they always say to put a lot of spin of your ‘J’.