Huell Howitzer
Jul 14

Mythbusters probably came on TV too late to change what I do, but Grant certainly made me want to create contraptions. Incredibly unfair that he’ll never make anything again.  His passion probably helped fuel thousands of kid’s passion for it too.

Jul 8

Does it matter one bit that he said he was remorseful? He’s remorseful it was recorded. He’s remorseful he may suffer a financial impact. I don’t believe that he has any remorse at all for what he said. Read more

Jul 8

Dude...shit opinions like that are not something you need to ‘control’...why the fuck are they in your synapses in the first place.  Hope all those ‘Asian’ companies you rely on to run your business fuck you over.

Jul 7

The story of the Star Wars sound is pretty interesting. I saw a really old documentary about it once. The people literally just went around everywhere recording anything and everything they could then tweaked it to fit their needs. There is one picture in the linked story without definition. They are standing next to

Jun 12

This is your regular reminder that planning and organization in the leadup to this, when we all could see what was coming, likely would have mitigated the effects, at least of the shutdowns if not the disease itself. Particularly with the executive branch of the federal government, which in all but the most Read more

Jun 5

Seeing the Punisher skull anywhere outside of a comic or movie makes my skin crawl, but ironically Garth Ennis’s run on the character (especially the MAX stuff) is one of the best comics I’ve ever read. Taken as a whole it’s an incredibly deep character study examining first how a senseless war can shape a man’s Read more

Jun 2

To be clear, he said there will absolutely be smoking, it just may not be glamorized in the same way. I had to take out his quote for space but here it is for context:
Read more

May 13

Imagine that in Return of the Jedi someone told Luke, on good authority that Darth Vader wasn’t really his father... Well that kind of spineless backtracking made me furious in Rise of Skywalker... I know, I know it is not the same thing...but Rey’s lineage plot line was so predictable and undid so much of what was Read more

May 13

By the time Empire came out they were handing out Generalships to just about anyone. Han was “General Solo” and Luke was “General Skywalker.” Leia moved from being “Princess Leia” to “General Organa” by Return of the Jedi. Read more

Mar 11

Spot on.  I highly suggest watching the documentary “I Am” that tackles this very subject.  We are a greedy country, no doubt.  Here greed is rewarded in wealth and power while in other cultures it is seen as a mental condition.  There is no “we” in the un-united states.  But, yay, capitalism!!

Mar 11

I think there’s a lot of blame to go around, but what I see (speaking broadly) is Western/American individualism is (at least) partially to blame. I’m really surprised how many Americans have the attitude of “Its similar to the flu. If I get this, I’ll just get over it- no big deal”. Meanwhile, the mindset in many Read more

Mar 9

Cue the right winged fucknuts who will say this CPAC patient zero was a deep state operative whose task was to infect as many high profile Republicans as possible.

Mar 9

I really hope the coronavirus runs rampant through the CPAC assholes. That would be some poetic justice