Huell Howitzer
Nov 13

As predictable as the sunrise, some edge lord incel comes out of the woodwork and drops this gem. Life must be a real bummer when you’re this much of an asshole.

Nov 1

His body was found in the hatch, without a glow in the dark emergency release he had no chance. RIP.

Oct 29

1. Han wasn’t being interrogated, remember? IIRC, he told Chewie they didn’t ask any questions. Vader’s point was to create suffering that draws Luke in. Read more

Sep 24

I actually agree with them. But that raises a question....why do they care? They didn’t about the immigration issues here...kids in cages, people dying, atrocities.  They don’t have a problem with cops slaughtering black people in our country.  Their leader praises China constantly (and does a TON of business with Read more

Sep 8

I design roads for a living. The posted speeds are based on science and are far from arbitrary.

Aug 31

I hate people who are treating this as a “Either you die from COVID or you’re perfectly fine after a couple of weeks.” Read more

Aug 31

I’m glad she lived. I have a close friend who went through this exact scenario, minus the hospital and doctor. We thought it was just the flu, but it ended up being so much worse. We still had no idea until later this because the pandemic had not yet been recognized. Read more