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Oct 14 2019

My dudes, you have killed Splinter, you laid off a bunch of cool journalists, I have even stuck with you through your auto-play video ads that kill my YouTube video playing in the background, but if you don’t stop these ads that auto-forward my ipad to some “install flash player now!” website with no back button so I Read more

Oct 8 2019

Yankees are clearly the best team in MLB. They have had 39 players on the IL missing 2,000 games. It’s cute the Astros and Dodgers have a higher expectation to win the WS.  The Yankees can literally run out 6-7 relievers each game after the 3rd inning. 

Aug 25 2019

Nah.  You’re not missing anything.  OP just isn’t as clever as he thinks he is. 

Jul 30 2019

Trevor Bauer isn’t mad he got traded to a non-contender. He finds the whole thing funny, and is actually laughing at how angry you seem to be.

Jul 23 2019

Sad story in light of plenty of pieces in recent years (here, here, and here) about the financial pitfalls athletes face.

AP needs a good financial advisor to bring discipline to his finances and whip it into shape.

Jun 8 2019

Fucking basketball fans don’t know what hardship is. - Deadspin soccer fans.

May 12 2019

There’s something different about him compared to most sprinters. He seems...scrappier? Like he really works hard to be as good as he is and doesn’t just coast on his talent. Read more

Apr 27 2019

“I don’t like baseball so instead of not paying attention to baseball posts, I am going to Deadspin, the SPORTS blog, to take a shit at the bottom of a baseball fan interaction (weekend) post by complaining about a completely different Deadspin baseball post.” Read more

Apr 26 2019

I have great difficulty understanding how pathetic one must be to go to a football stadium to watch the NFL Draft. This is the equivalent of people in the ‘90s camping out in front of their local Tower Records to be the first to buy the new album by, like, Everclear.

Mar 28 2019

Hey Samer not sure we’re getting the full rub on this story might want to tug at the strings until the truth comes out