xXxBradley Wright-Phillips666xXx
Oct 6 2019

when someone dies at a Bills tailgate doing something like this I expect Deadspin will take their fair share of blame for normalizing and giving this sort of behavior a visible platform, right?

Sep 29 2019

my parents (class of ‘88) always say this. it was way more fun when no one expected them to win and they didn’t divert ungodly amounts of money to such an unsuccessful program 

Sep 22 2019

surprise yet glad to see E1 get referenced on here - it’s one of the funniest podcasts around right now. this episode is HIGHLY recommended, it is very much within the deadspin mindset -

Sep 4 2019

why can’t you just say they made a settlement offer for $400k? I hate the police/state as much as anyone but this makes it sound like its something completely out of the ordinary and not like it happens in 95% of all lawsuits. lazy journalism

Aug 14 2019

I’ve only owned two electric guitars in my 13 or so years of playing - a squire strat and a heavily modded Epiphone SG I bought from a guy I used to take lessons from. if you’re in/around north jersey and want to sell any let me know, now that I’m not a poor high schooler/college student/law student I can actually Read more

Jun 15 2019

good words from an outspoken supporter of a religion that continues to drive the persecution and ostracization of gay people around the world today. no matter how woke they are catholics get no ally points for anything they ever say or do

May 7 2019

real talk is that article worth powering through? I always get bored by like the 4th paragraph, maybe because I don’t really care about ol blue eyes

Apr 18 2019

the american military’s budget is as big as the next like 10 countries put together. what do you think that money is going towards, planting flower beds?