Jun 5 2015

I preferred Ms. Pac-Man because it only cost nineteen cents to play rather than the full quarter necessary to play Pac-Man.

May 12 2015

Does this mean Suplex City will be a playable location in the game? Read more

Apr 24 2015

“Haarrumph, what nonsense! Once again the Proleteriat would deny free trade and commerce with their outstretched hands taking away our god-given right for profit. A shame, I say. A shame”

Sep 26 2014

These kittens must be male, because you know, including female kittens would have caused the production of this video to be way over budget.

Sep 19 2014

He's a noob. You do that on the INSIDE and use the competitor's cars to absorb your speed and direct you around the corner.

Sep 17 2014

Why do I feel like there are SO MANY HD remasters on these new systems? Read more

Sep 12 2014

Classic DDR song

Aug 30 2014

As a Spiderwoman cover, this is a bad drawing. It's not very inventive, the colors are murky and the layout is boring. The pose and style make it look less like a superhero comic and more like a skin mag, which is fitting given Manara's body of work. Yes, many superheros have costumes that are practically painted Read more

Aug 26 2014

Why on Earth are people so obsessed with the N64 version? I've never understood this. SNES version is proper Rainbow Road.

Aug 12 2014

Not really fair to be honest. Bloodborne is being published and co-devloped by Sony and is a Sony owned property. Tomb Raider has nothing to do with Microsoft and it has been confirmed that they are not publishing it..Square still is.

You are comparing Apples and Oranges.

Jun 22 2014

This weekend he gathered together fellow neutral-minded players into a herb-picking raid to celebrate hitting level 90. His total play time on the character prior to the event was some 170-plus days.

Jun 15 2014

Pedophiles use the Internet, you're on the Internet, by your logic you're a pedophile. Read more

Jun 15 2014

Do you associate with pedophiles or go looking for them? I don't see how their illegal activities affect you. That's like saying you won't shop at ____ because a local known convicted rapist or murderer shops there. If you aren't using TOR for what others may be using it for, what are you concerned with?

Jun 9 2014

Not buying this until they announce a playable Chuck Norris.