May 10 2016

Hasn’t Kotaku itself told us to be extremely, extremely skeptical of ANY kickstarter with such a ridiculously low funding goal? Low period, to say nothing of the tech and scope alleged here.

Mar 12 2016

It looks like it’s out at 0.1 fine, but they surely would have checked it? A security officer is out and grabbing the refs the instant after the shot hits, presumably for their safety. So there’s obviously no review.

Feb 2 2016

I flat 1-word response of “no” instead of this entire article would have sufficed, and better served public safety interests. Yeah the author needs to fancy it up and try to add alternate angles, but no. You don’t do that on this topic. It’s “no”, period.

Jan 19 2016

I’m an instant fan of any game that has achievements/trophies for Game Overs or other forms of player humiliation like “bad endings”. It shows the developers have a great sense of humor. Failing doesn’t make someone a bad player. It makes them human.

Dec 14 2015

So if he’s only fighting back against seven, that means he’s passively admitting he raped the others, right? I choose to belive this.

Nov 5 2015

I am interested/terrified to know how Lewis Hamilton fits into this. Since not a soul in the US would recognize him I assume he would have been stuck in line with the plebians.

Oct 20 2015

I’m glad the driver was charged, but the biker is lucky to have escaped without a reckless endangerment charge for the girlfriend. One would assume she’d have thought he’d have a license. Reasonable expectation of safety and whatnot; the same reason you expect the driver to not veer out into traffic. Filmer also lucks Read more

Oct 7 2015

This is almost completely the result of poor traffic engineering. First, there are no lanes leading to the toll. There are ~25 stations but the cars are ~50 wide coming in because the drivers are being dicks. However, the main problem is the inexplicable choke point back to normal width immediately after the toll Read more

Sep 27 2015

Might I suggest that you not force a 100% use of the stick? If you’re driving a car in-game that doesn’t have a stick shift option (like new Ferraris or race cars) that are auto and/or paddles only, just go with that. They’re like that for reasons beyond just convenience. Read more

Sep 15 2015

Could have at least found a guy in a Peterson jersey to beat up, then proceed to slap in in the genitals repeatedly with a stick. You know, doing God’s work.

Sep 11 2015

“They’re not really cheating! They’ve just compeltely and fundamentally altered the gameplay!” Uh huh.

Sep 3 2015

So you can get caught cheating red-handed in today’s NFL and there’s not legally anything the NFL can do to you? Uhhuh.

Sep 1 2015

Not at all a team fan and I considered myself completely neutral, but I very much remember the 2012 playoff game vs Seattle. Everyone I was watching with kept saying, aloud, “oh my god, we’re going to watch a man die on live TV” when the Redskins had the ball. He lucked be going out a non-contact incident. Afterward Read more

Aug 21 2015

I don’t mind a zero tolerance policy toward any kind of incivility. At all. So this is fine... if announced in advance. Make the policy clear and people can at least know what the potential consequences are ahead of time. This is some serious Ex Post Facto nonsense. Retroactive retaliation is hard to ever justify Read more

Aug 18 2015

I’m uncertain as to why anyone would actually want the rights to Duke Nukem at this point, to say nothing of going to court over the matter... Perhaps this was like a game of hot potato where no one wanted to be the last company left with a claim. Gearbox lost, apparently.

Aug 18 2015

They actually made it to Asylum Demon?! Wow, that’s better than I thought they’d ever manage. Even getting out of the first bonfire and killing the 1 archer in the hall was a legitimately amazing accomplishment. Good thing I didn’t make any promoses to eat crow, hats, etc. The Twitch Plays format is just not means for Read more

Jul 19 2015

Not sure if trolling, but I’ll actually answer— Massive and instantaneous crowd reaction; More specifically an event surpassing what one’s pre-match hype was and thus a level of excitement not anticipated. Not a term I personally use but it’s common enough.

Jul 17 2015

This isn’t even an apology. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you even understand what you did wrong and why it was wrong? This was a private citizen, and on top you didn’t even feel like identifying your source for this. After research others have done, I have no idea how you found him credible.
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