Aug 14

Because it’s the military, they “have” to allow trolls in chat? This isn’t right...especially from most that are too afraid to join and serve their country in any meaningful way. Did this soldier sign up to be berated by you? Nope. Are all soldiers somehow responsible for the actions of the few that break under the Read more

Aug 13

So, there’s this scene in The Two Towers where the orcs begin murdering each other over whether to eat the Hobbits alive or bring them to Saruman, who will torture them to death. Read more

Aug 12

While recognising the need to retain top executives”

This isn’t a need. It’s the biggest lie in the corporate universe, in fact.

The difference between a “top executive” and “other executives” is literally a lottery pull. The vast majority of them are staggeringly incompetent or ineffectual people that just ride Read more

Aug 11

They should have just synced it up with the daily objectives. Let you spin the wheel once each day, but not have to worry about a real time 24 hour clock that constantly makes your wheel spin later and later each day, if you try to do it every day. It makes it frustrating, especially since there’s already a daily Read more

Aug 7

It is a mistake to believe your own personal beliefs about Tencet are worth any consequences that will arise from this ill conceived executive order. It is like using a chainsaw to perform brain surgery. Read more

Aug 7

If you’re gonna task tiktok for a monetization first approach, holy shit I hope your expecting the president to be going after a large majority of companies. Read more

Aug 6

surely no noble western developers would stoop to such disgusting tactics

Aug 6

China does heinous shit? Like unmarked ‘agents’ kidnapping people, speeding them away to parts unknown, without trial or due process? Because that’s totally not happening in the US right now...oh wait... Read more

Jun 26

The implosion of Mixer gave Twitch the confidence to exert its dominance.

Jun 13

AC III was the first AC game I didn’t finish, and it started a pretty long drought that had me mostly ignoring the AC franchise, except for Black Flag because pirate ships, until I came back to it with Odyssey (which I love). I think it was partly the protagonist being so flat and drab, and the setting just not being Read more

Jun 13

I’m of the opposite and would say AC3 was okay as it is but AC4 was way too overrated. The only thing it really got was a great combination of fun game mechanic. Read more

Jun 13

Thank you.  I kept waiting for it to be lower and it never appeared.  I couldnt stand that game.  It was horrifically boring storywise and I couldn’t give two shits about the characters.

Jun 12

AC III was bold if flawed. It introduced the naval combat, large-scale land battles, and exploration of wild environments that we kind of take for granted in the later games. In many ways Odyssey is the full realization of what AC III aspired to be.

May 25

This story is really not about animal crossing screwing you out of money, it’s about your friend screwing you out of money...

May 25

Any friend who would actually take the $30 after making such and underhanded bet is a bad friend.