Sep 21

The issue with Tencent has more to do with them being in the pocket of an authoritarian government.  

Sep 14

This is an A+ comment and you deserve a ribbon or a medal or something.

Sep 14

Considering the Navy navigates vast oceans and rough seas, you’d think they’d be better at handling streams.

Sep 2

Ugh. There’s already no actual need for optical drives in the console. Just go with USB drives. The manufacturing cost increase isn’t significant and you still need USB ports anyway for connecting controllers for charging or low-latency purposes, or for dedicated wired controllers. Read more

Aug 13

American exceptionalism: where even stupidity is considered unique.

Mar 18

It actually costs more hardware resources to tie code to the framerate than either a fixed constant value or to an independent variable like time elapsed, because the code will typically be implemented to run every frame update and each subsystem will have to run its code independently, as opposed to a single clock Read more

Mar 18

“The boost is truly massive this time around, and some game code just can’t handle it,” Cerny said. Read more

Feb 15

From the weird Sonic anime movie.

Dec 16

I realize this post and comment are old but thanks for the nod of recognition concerning the fan translation. I was Musashi back in the day and this was by far the work I was most proud of. 

Oct 25

If it’s aiming for the realism of war, the part where you abandon the rebels to be ethnically cleansed should be interesting.

Oct 21

Hell, the FIRST season is a solid deconstruction of traditional archetypes in kid’s shows, including a couple kid heroes who are super uninterested in being kid heroes and dip out towards the end. Also they deal with family matters like adoption and divorce that deeply affect kids but are rarely talked about in Read more

Oct 21

I maintain that the first season of the Digimon anime is one of the best introductory animes to show children. It manages to talk about so many different issues that directly affect many children and while still keeping their attention with giant monsters battling. What it means to be an older/younger sibling, gender Read more

Oct 21

Digimon’s entire third anime season deals with coping with death, grief, and pulling yourself out of self-blame and depression. It’s far, far different as a franchise than Pokemon. And that’s not to say one franchise is inherently better or worse than the other - but Digimon has historically gone out of its way to Read more

Oct 21

My history with Digimon was having one of the virtua pets when they first launched like 20 years ago, and that’s about it. Never watched the anime or played any of the other games, or had any love for the franchise. Cyber Sleuth is pretty fun though.

You should do just fine without any Digimon knowledge. They do a Read more

Jul 27 2019

The “Banjo” one is genius. I laughed so much, I died and turned into that Crash Bandicoot animation of his spirit playing a didgeridoo to heaven

Apr 19 2019

Game system emulators aren’t illegal, as has been proven in court multiple times. Using copyrighted code (be it bios, firmware, or ROMs), on the other hand, is.

Oct 31 2016

Yeah I believe she’s had a real name since the third movie, which is the best of the Pokemon movies and is basically a child-friendly version of Silent Hill.