2/11/21 2:14PM

These are renderings. The images are CGI. Look at the tires; there is no deformation at the contact patch. Also, the patterns in the metal and cement of the garage repeat. Read more

2/11/21 12:51PM

Would the accidents have occurred had the roads not been icy?

2/10/21 10:08PM

She’s so fucking stupid and that bothers me. The racism also bothers me, but I expect that out of Trumpublicans by default. Read more

2/10/21 9:50PM

Just before we have some of the usual ‘Cancel culture gone mad!’ comments, no, she is not being ‘cancelled’, she is facing the consequences of using a public platform, the internet equivalent of shouting out in the middle of the street, to make questionable comments, and Disney would rather not have to deal with it. Read more

2/08/21 8:13PM

You can owe all the money in the world, but that does not mean life is over. I wouldn’t put all the blame on Robinhood for this, though, seemed like a quick Google to sort out. The young man needed help and I’m sorry he didn’t get it.

2/03/21 10:09AM

“We are just a regular, middle class family. My husband is breaking into the newt breeding industry and I teach macramé. We are expecting and looking for a bigger space to call our own and raise our child. Ideally, 5 bedrooms, 4 bath, large kitchen because we enjoy entertaining, large outdoor space to have friends Read more

2/02/21 1:26PM

This is the Elon I like to see. Less drama, more science, and ....humble?
Also, reading this article felt like reading Popular Science articles from the 90s-early 2000s, in that it felt appropriately scientific yet easily digestible.

1/27/21 2:31PM

Pardon my ignorance, because I’m no expert in securities laws, but what exactly would the SEC be stepping in to stop here?  There’s no 10b-5 issue that I can see...there’s no fraud, no one is lying about the fundamentals of the company.  The price isn’t being inflated as a result of inside information.  The Redditors Read more

1/25/21 6:52PM

I, for one, am adoring Jay’s “Pandemic-edition” videos. No PR people marketing a new vehicle. No videos that almost feel like an “obligation” that Jay is trudging through. Just him and one of his own cars, or a car he’s borrowing, that he is truly, truly passionate about. Read more

1/24/21 12:19PM

Can someone tell the studio that nobody gives a shit about the humans in these stories? PLEASE?

1/23/21 1:47AM

This is entirely incorrect. Average return is 10% you can easily beat that just by momentum trading.

1/22/21 7:11PM

The internet wasn’t a mistake. Facebook was a mistake. Allowing Twitter’s abdication of responsibility was a mistake. Trusting Google was a mistake.