2/11/21 2:54PM

Some of the dirt patterns on the windows of the building also repeat in the very first ‘picture’.
It didn’t look suspicious from the thumbnail on my phone, but, having a closer look on the computer, it’s quite clear that it’s CG

1/24/21 9:23PM

My portfolio literaly grew by 10% last friday because of a bit of money put in $GME and $BB. I dont know what that SimuLord is talking about.
I’m just a retail trader trying to not let my money rot on my bank account, and I’ve made +30% since the beginning of 2021, while the S&P is only up 2.4%

1/24/21 3:17PM

The winner will be Blackberry. Their OS (QNX) is already on more than 150Million vehicles

1/07/21 9:35PM

I played with the cheapest Fanatec available (mind you, it still cost more than a g25/29) and thought it was reaallly good.
That is, until I tried the more expensive pedals and wheels on a simracing booth at the geneva motor show. Loadcell pedals are an insane improvement, and going back to playing springs and plastic Read more

11/16/20 3:40PM

If you hide the front, that angle looks really close to a modern Camaro

10/29/20 4:17PM

Why is this one not in the article? It’s from the official Bugatti youtube channel 

10/20/20 6:12PM

My laptop keeps getting booted randomly by Windows overnight. I close it, it’ll decide it needs to update, and then instead of realizing that the laptop is still closed and automatically go back to hibernating, it just stays on, for who knows how many hours. 

10/11/20 7:35PM

I’ve been using Youtube since 2006 and I’ve never hated the experience as much as I do now.
2ads before the video starts, sometimes 5 ads cuts in a 20minutes videos, and then 2ads at the end.
I coooouuulld not mind too much if at least it werent ALWAYS the same no budget ads for the same stupid mobile games with the Read more

10/06/20 5:51PM

Recharging is difficult if you dont have your own garage. Which represent quite a big %age of the population, and everyone who lives in an apartment.
From all the places I’ve lived at, there’s maybe 2 places where I could have had the opportunity of charging overnight.

9/20/20 6:18PM

Calling the Senna, the P1, the Speedtail or the Elva generic feels like quite a stretch ...

9/15/20 7:22PM

I was looking for something to watch a few days ago. Got assaulted by a wall of ads each time I clicked a different streamer and ended up just closing Twitch.
I’m definitely part of the people they’ll lose from this stupid change

9/10/20 5:45PM

I’m being asked to join their newsletter about 55 times a day now. Had to create new rules on my adblock for each site to finally get rid of it

9/04/20 2:05AM

When the hosts says its the first 100% electric race car of a road based vehicle, is he not aware of the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy? Or am I wrong in considering the I-Pace eTrophy as a 100% electric race car based on a road vehicle ?

9/01/20 9:36PM

You know your country is F*ed when you resort to private money and donations to run the elections...

8/18/20 12:58AM

Except that Microsoft is not really developing the game, it’s a french studio that does it. Pretty sure everything has been built from scratch, not using anything from any of the previous Flight Simulator game.

7/22/20 9:57PM

Well, tbf, Top Gear was also staged content, but they never tried to pretend it wasn’t.
It’s when you start being dishonest with your viewers that it is a problem.
In this case, it definitely is.

7/22/20 5:25PM

He hired a stuntman to deliberately crash that car. He is known to have done a few fakes in the past, like pretending to have connected his aventador to some xbox controllers to play forza.
He’s wearing a red short for the whole thing, but the inside shot when the car crash, whoever is driving wears a black Read more

7/21/20 12:34AM

Damn, RIP “link’ sections. Definitely one of the most interesting feature of browsing back then. It’s kinda like having people doing ‘share for share’ on instagram now, but with way more interesting and random results :D