Dec 3 2014

Three words: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Whether from a book or a therapist, it can stop that anxiety spiral you described. Because, as we both know, insomnia is often caused by the fear of not being able to sleep.

Dec 1 2014

I was just looking for something to use Amazon's 30% off promo on — I think I've found it.

Nov 13 2014

I personally prefer the tax advantages of the 401k over a Roth IRA. You'll have to pay the taxes one way or the other, but for a variety of reasons, you may end up paying less taxes in the long run with a 401k. Read more

Nov 6 2014

I read something recently that said if you don't ever feel imposter syndrome, that's when you have to worry. So keep up the good work!

Oct 23 2014

You think your so witty and cool with your little comments on internets. Who the hell are you trying to convince! And why do you have time to read comments but not ask me about my day or even take out the garbage?! These panties definitely not coming off for you tonight!

Oct 9 2014

As someone struggling to find work in the industry, I know I would MUCH rather be in "paid limbo", bored and even forgotten but collecting a steady paycheck with the time and freedom to practice my own personal 3D modelling projects, instead of looking for work, staying busy with jobs I hate to pay the bills and Read more

Sep 23 2014

I find that the amount of people complaining about iPhone users being smug VS actual smug iPhone users posting anything is about 10:1. All aboard the circle-jerk train!

Sep 19 2014

does this look like fun? i gotta say....while the graphics look amazing, it looks really boring.

Sep 11 2014

I can only imagine the frustration... NO not that UNIT!!! Just this one! XBOX, Fuck you!

Sep 8 2014

Honestly, I'm a little surprised that this doesn't exist. Seems pretty obvious, and it's not like Steam is terrible about adding useful info to store pages.

Sep 8 2014

That's why I'm making video game apps on the side to one day make money on my own and quit my dam office drone cubicle job. Read more

Sep 2 2014

The premise seems to be the same as in the last video, with the cute orange waddling robot trying to put together an old camera in a museum. And of course, the demo itself is real-time—not that we'll see this level of detail in games anytime soon, mind you. Read more

Aug 27 2014

I had been using NESBox (http://nesbox.com/); you just play through the site, and there is a cool social component (granted, only really worked for me a couple of times). But it is probably only for NES/SNES/Genesis (Sega Mega Drive); I didn't look for next-gen systems. It's hard enough to remember what keys Read more