Saturday 11:41PM

Yeah, this child that dehydrates at 78° seems like a very first-world type of problem.

Saturday 11:16PM

If your family is sweating at 78 degrees and you’re worried about them dehydrating, you and your fellow penguins need to move back to Antarctica.

Friday 11:13PM

“You little bitches still whining about how we never update our trucks? Well here’s the 5,000 pounds of fugly you deserve!” -Toyota

Friday 5:43PM

Chrissy is so horrible in so many other ways, there is literally no need to make up stuff about her. This dude has some major issues that don’t involve her that he needs to work on.

Wednesday 2:35PM

My parents had one back in the day, and used it as a second car. One day, my Dad was working a night shift and a homeless guy broke into it to sleep. And pissed himself in his sleep.

6/16/21 7:24AM

That’s always been my thought too. I always hated that I would get our Westy all set up and then about 20 minutes in, we would need to go into town for something.
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6/15/21 5:57PM

Sucking face at 50 is no different than sucking face at 20--somewhat inappropriate in public, but no big whup.  People just don’t like seeing people in their fifties and over confirming that we still like sex.

6/15/21 3:35PM

Given the general rep of RV’s and Italian automobiles, the idea of an Italian RV seems terrifying.

By the way, the “#info” at the end of the URL you use to link to Wingam’s site for the Oasis 540 kicks one to the bottom of the page once page load is complete. Taking out the #info anchor keeps the viewer at the top of Read more

6/15/21 3:01PM

Wow. $40k and you get a cooler instead of a fridge and a bucket instead of a toilet. If I were going to spend that much I’d go for one of the a-frame style trailers that folds up even smaller and has a proper fridge and toilet. A hell of a lot cheaper too. And hard-sided in case you’re camping in bear country. Read more

6/15/21 2:37PM

I started spec’ing out a TAXA Mantis, and they are over $40k. They seem pretty fantastic, but that feels like a good chunk of change for a pop up.

6/15/21 1:40PM

I actually think she does, because I think that Ben is the ultimate fixer upper and something about J-Lo makes me believe that in three years that man will have that thing removed at her bidding!!

6/15/21 12:53PM

Is Chrissy Teigen the ultimate example of someone who is famous but you have absolutely zero clue for why they’re famous? I know why people like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians got famous (rich famous family and taking advantage of the spotlight) but I have absolutely zero clue who this woman is or what she even Read more

6/15/21 12:46PM

I should hope it comes in WAY less than the nearly quarter-of-a-million dollar Sprinter-based one I saw online a couple days ago. Nope, nope, nope, that’s insane.

6/15/21 9:49AM

Duurtlang is wise. Big American-style RVs are very rare in Europe; they’re usually a similar size to this van. You want to be able to relax and enjoy your adventure without worrying about low bridges and narrow country lanes. Read more

6/15/21 9:48AM

It’s great looking and I would be interested but I”m guessing judging by the prices of even simpler conversion vans with no toilets it’s going to be about the price of a small house.

6/15/21 9:42AM

It’s teeny compared to RVs in the US, which means I’m actually interested. What’s something currently comparable over there and what’s the price range?

6/05/21 5:35PM

If a supercar does not cost a fortune to maintain, it is not really a supercar then is it?

5/06/21 3:55PM

That’s a pretty pricey car. Be a real shame if something happened to it.

2/08/21 11:58AM

Normally, there are so many comments here complaining that there isn’t an “affordable small truck that is great for honest work” anymore. Read more