My thoughts exactly. Not worth engaging.
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oh i see ... all the opioids are prescribed by the unregulated herbal practitioners. Read more

you know what they call an alternative medicine that works?..... medicine. Read more

This is among the best and most informative writing I’ve seen on Lifehacker or any similar outlet, bar none. Thank you. Read more

The fact it isn’t “the worst thing” does not disqualify cautionary discussion. Elsewhere you’ll find gold-plated HDMI 1.4 cables for $100. Should I refrain from warning someone against buying those scam cables because smoking causes cancer? Read more

It may sound wild to pick this song over tracks from the likes of [...] Diane Warren Read more

The Shape of Water teaches us that fish are friends, not friends with benefits. Read more

I don’t assign much importance to whatever wins Best Picture. Sometimes it’s deserved, a la Parasite. Other times, the winner fades into the background while the more deserving films gain steam. Read more

Forrest Gump is insufferable.  Read more

Good point-he is preserving both his survival and Ellie’s. This section of the game, a large part of which this episode of the show cut out, is meant to establish the lengths Joel will go to to protect Ellie. In the game that covered his whole rampage through town. Here, it is condensed to the interrogation scene. It Read more

Yeah and the final girl in part 2 is great! Read more

New Nightmare has a decent opening, a decent ending, and one excellent scene, where Heather Langenkamp catches her kid watching Nightmare on Elm Street and then discovers that the TV was unplugged. But I don’t think I could tell you anything else that happens in the movie. And for all the visual imagination of those Read more

I can’t really even argue that this is a list by someone who doesn’t like slashers because some of the selections here are so fascinating. One of the better AVC lists in a minute. Read more

I also think Child’s Play 2 is better than the original. In fact, I think it’s the best in the whole series. Read more

I think “You’re Next” is one of the best slashers of the 2010/20s. And its commentary on the elite feels more biting than the recent trend we’ve seen lately in media attempting the same theme. Read more

The “even odder performances” reference for Sleepaway Camp has to refer to Desiree Gould’s turn as “Aunt Martha”.  I have friends who won’t even watch past her performance because she scared them so much that they couldn’t imagine what the rest of the movie had in store. Read more

I’m an atheist myself and am naturally suspicious of the motives of any self-declared “man of God”, but really, for the past twenty or thirty years, it would be more of a twist for a preacher in a movie or TV show to actually be a good guy given that the default is that they are a crook and/or a pedophile.
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Was it supposed to be a plot twist that David is a “bad guy” lol?  I think the twist is that they failed at making him unsympathetic.  If the village is actually starving, and some people have died... yeah you might turn to cannibalism.  Read more

We think David is being gentle and fatherly with Ellie because he’s a man of god and doesn’t want to harm anyone. Read more