Nov 9

Now I’m confused. The election tampering I’d like to report involves closing down and impairing the function of the United States Postal Service shortly before the election, as well as a widespread misinformation campaign about the integrity of the Post Office and voting by mail. Read more

Nov 4

Apparently the “In God we Trust” addendum was to placate certain elements in Mississippi society.  Personally I quite like the Magnolia, but I think the text and stars are tacky.

Nov 2

What the actual fuck? Poll watchers and poll challengers? Your whole process is just fucked. In Canada you bring your voter card, give it it the old lady at the desk and then you go vote. That’s how a first world country does democracy. It’s certainly not whatever the fuck y’all are doing down south.

Oct 15

You think they’d take their own advice and move back to Europe where they can be with their own kind.

Sep 16

They should have been pepper sprayed, and had their fucking asses kicked, and be banned from Target for life.

Sep 8

it is the taking an opportunity from someone else that really sticks in my craw. It just feels so selfish. :-/ 

Sep 6

Yeah that was my biggest take away, lied to advance herself - while at the same time taking away an opportunity for someone else. 

Sep 1

With that thinking in mind, what if you had one of those theft recovery devices, like Lo-Jack installed?  While the AG is trying to negotiate the ransom for your car you just keep wasting their time by continuing to report your car stolen a few times a day.