Sep 16

They should have been pepper sprayed, and had their fucking asses kicked, and be banned from Target for life.

Sep 8

it is the taking an opportunity from someone else that really sticks in my craw. It just feels so selfish. :-/ 

Sep 6

Yeah that was my biggest take away, lied to advance herself - while at the same time taking away an opportunity for someone else. 

Sep 1

You’ve sunk my MAGAship!

Sep 1

With that thinking in mind, what if you had one of those theft recovery devices, like Lo-Jack installed?  While the AG is trying to negotiate the ransom for your car you just keep wasting their time by continuing to report your car stolen a few times a day.

Sep 1

Might as well call a crackhead for all the good the cops are gonna do.

Jul 5

My six year old and I were walking in Seattle, and passed a daycare where the kids were all holding signs and chanting “whose lives matter? Black lives matter!”  There is hope for the future.

Jul 5

I was feeling pretty salty, but that piece of chalk was too small! Read more

Jun 22

Permanent residence in a mental health facility with zero chance of parole.

Jun 1

Maybe if you just say to him, “Mr. President, I’d like to record this conversation,” he’ll just hang up on his own.

May 12

I know right? I think that Will Smith vs. Mike Tyson is not even worth discussing. Especially since Will Smith is only slightly younger than Mike Tyson. How in God’s name is this even a question? I honestly think that LaVar Ball vs. Michael Jordan one-on-one is less idiotic. Ball is younger than Jordan, actually was a Read more

Feb 7

Her question was not appropriate just because the woman is a WNBA player. I don’t see anyone asking other MEN that question and why the fuck should a woman be asked to explain the legacy of a rapist while other men are allowed to grieve publicly. This is bullshit!

Feb 6

Does that mean they Photoshop out the makeup?

Feb 6

He’s probably madder because he couldn’t get a boner

Jan 28

If you sit in the front row at a stand up comedy gig, you best shut the fuck up if you don’t want to be a target. No one there paid to see or hear you, regardless of who you are. Read more

Jan 23

What I truly do not understand about incidents like this is why they (cops) don’t walk in, figure out the caller is on some bullshit and then give them a citation for the aforementioned bullshit. The wslasting of their time is one thing but the deterrence of future incidents should be another. I’m not even going to Read more

Jan 17

Put that dude through a deli slicer and I’d bet $5 he’s made of solid pimento loaf.

Oct 28

Much like the home plate ump, guess I was having trouble seeing that half of the plate.