Oct 11

Sso corporate America being what it is I’m done with my work but I can’t leave. So noodling on the internet and I

Aug 20 2019

So I’ve become a Podcast person in the last few years. I now have a 90 mile round trip commute so about two hours in

Jun 16 2019

-Just got home from a 9 night cruise with the husband yesterday. Green smoothies to heal from here on out. We got

May 31 2019

Girl at work came in wearing a cute new dress, and the first thing she showed “It has pockets!” 8 or 80 if you wear

Jan 27 2019

That is basically my workout philosophy. I work out for the goal of snacks and red wine. I’ve been doing Couch 2 5k,

Nov 17 2018

Hey so I’m going to go with my usual MO, be gone/lurk on the weekends and then demand advice :)

Aug 12 2018

So on the same day, Iamcalm is like “hey give a wave if we hadn’t heard from you”, I decide to make a post. Calm,

Nov 2 2017

So checked the news and oh yeah everything is still terrible. It’s one of those days where I wish I had no empathy.

Sep 7 2017

Hey so the only browser kinja seems to like anymore is Chrome. So no GT work breaks which makes me sad. Does anyone

Sep 4 2017

Hey GT, for anyone who might remember me, hey. Life ended up getting away from me between some contract work, my