I was only upset that I couldn’t get his club as a weapon afterwards, I would have used it for the rest of the game. Read more

I have zero idea what the life in aggro comic was about past some King of the Hill references? Was it supposed to be funny? Referencing some meme I'm unaware of? Read more

I was one of the extras in the Freebird scene. Titus was one of the nicest actors on set. Glad to see this finally come out! It was quite a long day of filming that day. For just that one shot for freebird was a 16+ hour work day. Read more

Good luck to you! Looks like I might be screwed this month. My job for next week working on a pilot has been suspended due to the virus. I’m figuring most other productions are going to be doing the same over the weekend. Read more

As a member of SAG-Aftra this is really gonna hurt. I pay a lot of bills by doing background acting work in New York and I can see productions starting to shut down soon. I have work lined up for next week, I guess I’ll see if we’ll still be shooting. I’m guessing they’ll be making a decision over the weekend. Read more

After his incessant tweeting the past few days it’s a relief to only have to scroll past 3 in one of these posts. Sometimes I panic and accidentally click one of them when trying to go to the comment section. Read more

Huh, seems it might be setting up a chance for Glen to “see the light” like Michael did by the end of the videos. He’s the only demon that is off-put by the mention of cheating. Read more

The best McFlurry will always be the UK's Cadbury Creme egg McFlurry. Read more

Seems like this is using multiple assets from the brilliant Void VR experience Secrets of the Empire that I’ve tried out. Same location though the story has been tweaked. Read more

Pretty impressive sketch. They had the cadence down in the speech patterns of NPC voice actors, the movements were spot on... Looking forward to this going full circle and this being modded into a game. Read more

Known this for months, but only because I’ve seen him in the makeup in person while filming. Very unnerving face to face, I was an extra in a scene with him at Arkham. Read more

I imagine they also make an exception for crucial services like hospitals, fire departments, etc. Wonder how people in Bali who are religious feel about having to take those shifts, or perhaps they just are manned by non-Hindus?  Read more

Best thing is to live in a country that pays their servers a living wage so you don't have to deal with tipping at all. Read more

Is...littering a felony there? Seems like it would be a misdemeanor at best and not worthy of cuffing and booking someone.  Read more

If you find this gross I can't wait to see your reaction if Grimer or Muk is in this movie! Read more

Man, I can really empathize with this, and I was born to two British parents in Tokyo during the 80's. Only stayed there until my first year in pre-school, when my parents were told by several schools that I needed to go to a foreigner class, not one with “actual” Japanese people. Read more

Goku does pretty well for someone suffering from repeated head trauma. Heck, the only reason he’s a good guy at all is because his Grandpa Gohan dropped him off a cliff and he got his head right on a boulder. It completely changed his personality into the goofy, fight obsessed Goku we know in the rest of the series. Read more

Makes sense. Even the ones who plan on keeping their jobs have probably gotten part time jobs to cover their bills while the shutdown is going on. Read more

Never thought I would live in a time to see Hitler Youth rise again. These little shits should have this video and pictures haunt them for the rest of their lives. Read more

Wow, after doing something like that how fucked up do you have to be to smirk in your mugshot? Read more