Jul 22

Yes, I’m glad to find out that they are fully aware of the “...who?” that much of the audience and players likely experienced.

Jul 20

My social media circle doesn’t overlap with any part of Black Twitter that includes people willing to ride with the ghost of Kanye, so I have to ask: 

Are you talking to actual people who actually want to do that? I would wave it off as being theoretical, but this is 2020. If so... man we seem even more fucked than I Read more

Jul 17

I think we can assume this professional hit man is also a plumber, if he left the job half done to come back and finish it the next day.

Jul 16

Like you said, in times like these, what’s wrong with a bit of optimism?

Jul 15

I think Enterprise is a decent series and I wish it got more than four seasons. It just took the worst aspects of Voyager (inconsistent characters, writing, and overall goals of the show) and combined them with network executives who wanted to pull the show in even more directions than before. Read more

Jun 22

“She decided to defend her statement and even had the nerve to Google that analogy to prove why it was okay.” Read more

Jun 15

The TCU (Tick Cinematic Universe), with upcoming films, Chairface, The Civic-minded Five, the raunchy comedy Arthur, as well as TV series like the prequel The Flag Five, The Mandelorean (about a man who is also a DeLorean) and The Dinosaur Neal Funcational Learntime Hour...

Jun 11

If they’re going for that specific look with a comedic background may I suggest Harvey Guillen from here on out?

May 13

That really pissed me off. In January and February I had my partner and my uncle in ICU for two spells each during a month each in hospital seriously ill. Luckily, they're both out and recovering really well and were out of hospital before we had any official cases of Covid-19 here in Ireland. But holy shit, if I Read more

Jan 18

There are plenty of band that are composed of porn stars. Unfortunately their songs don’t last more than 30 seconds.