Feb 5 2018

They also get more money if you donate $1,000 a month to them directly. If you really cared about musicians, that’s what you’d be doing.

Jan 30 2018

they think that because it was “Veterans for 2nd Amendment” or whatever crap that it could not possibly be a Russian page. Like they all have names like “Comrades for ze Republican Guy” Read more

Jan 22 2018

By 2100 all Chinese will be blond and 6 feet tall.

Jan 8 2018

I wonder what his thoughts are regarding brown people. Where was Jesus born again? Norway maybe, I can’t remember.

Dec 5 2017

If it were more recent, I would have suspected D. Rose did it to harvest spare parts.

Oct 11 2017

“Bait and switch” does not mean what you think it means.

Sep 8 2017

I’m not entirely uncertain that we’re all just living in a bored Sim City player’s play through at this point. Expecting the giant robotic walking eyeball monster any day now...

Aug 17 2017

“She was undeterred and doubled-down with the belief that the guy’s wife went so far as to get plastic surgery to look like my co-worker.” Read more

May 17 2017

Anthony Davis, I’d think (though that was also Draymond’s draft class). Not a lot of guys have entered college as presumptive number 1, then put up a stat line like that to back it up either. Read more

Apr 28 2017

It’s better to think of it as a 100-person sample size of a much larger population.

Apr 3 2017

I swear it takes a supercomputer to load the pages with numerous tweets.

Apr 3 2017

Also, if you ever run snort with the settings turned up on your router - this place has about 50 http header violations per page. invalid content length, invalid http header length, malformed http header, content header mismatch... There’s some really bad code here.   Snort wants to block all kinja IP’s because of Read more