Christy Carlson
2:05 PM

Most people have no problem with people being paid to look good. the problem is when its a requirement in a setting its not interesting. One of the major reasons there are few females in motorsport is that the only females youve been able to see in motorsport have been there only to look good and be oggled at. That in Read more

10:06 PM

Okay. So you go back to the womb and get reborn. Now, for your entire life I’m going to give you soft, pretty things to play with, steer you away from dump trucks and bulldozers, place you in a home/family where the mother handles all the car stuff and the father mainly says, “um, honey, I think I heard a rattle,” and Read more

9:22 PM

Yeah, my mom was not amused the last time we went to a drift show and one of the booth babes was wearing only a thong and just enough paint to disguise her nipples. She’s put up with a lot of shit over the years as a racer and driving instructor, and she loves going to car shows, but the constant Read more

5:44 PM

This sucks. I just want to look at this photo of Michel Mouton and Fabrizia Pons to feel something positive.

5:05 PM

Thanks for sharing this, Christy! I’ve written about how difficult it makes things to have women be seen as the affection objects rather than the participants, because it truly does. Also, I hope your dissertation rocks it and you keep enjoying cars with the rest of us.

4:47 PM

Racing organizations like SCCA and NASA are working initiatives to increase #’s of women at the grassroots level, through autocross and HPDE programs.
Read more

4:21 PM

And some of the comments right here are also serving to show how everything Alanis wrote is simply ignored or talked over . . .

2:43 PM

I’ve seen shades of this in nerd culture. I get people are protective and possessive about the things they like, but FFS this needs to change immediately. Read more

7:34 PM

Well, no because my point was that the alternative is, literally, doing nothing. The status quo is very few women getting very few opportunities, and telling young girls that they can be race car drivers isn't going to open up seats for women to fill. The only way they should get in to the top level is if they deserve Read more